Jigging with an electric reel.

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Tuna Hooker, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Tuna Hooker

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    I just ordered a Daiwa Tanacom 1000. I'm thinking of programming the jig function and using it when my arm gives out (torn muscle in elbow). What do you do when you get a fish on? Do you need to switch to reel or does it automatically do it?
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  2. Kim

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    Best thing you can do is go to the Diawa website and download the owners manual and read it , that way when you get you reel, you'll already have an idea on how the reel works and it functions.
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  3. JiggaPleez

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    I consider the "jigging" a misnomer, as it is actually just programmable winding. It does not let line back out.
    Yes if you are holding the rod and moving it up and down also, it is I guess "jigging".
    But for rods fished from a holder I would call it a programmable "erratic retrieve".:D
  4. tugasangler

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    There are real jigging electric reels now . Much smaller in size and made to use with pe2-3.5 on slow jigging rods . Maybe that might be more to your liking . Not sure
  5. Tuna Hooker

    Tuna Hooker Active Member

    Thanks but the manual doesn’t cover that. I’ve seen quite a few of these on trips and was hoping someone had the answer.
  6. Tuna Hooker

    Tuna Hooker Active Member

    Should I reword it to say pseudo jigging? I’m just looking for a way to keep fishing when my arm says no more.
  7. Tuna Hooker

    Tuna Hooker Active Member

    Thanks for info. I chose this one because I’ve seen a lot of people using them on my trips. Mostly I plan on using it for deep drops but also as a backup if my arm gives up. I’ll check into the jigging reels if I truly need it.
  8. benwah22

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    It took a google search and 34 seconds to find. C'mon man.

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  9. Drundel

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    I'm 5 weeks out for surgery to fix mine. Talk about a slow damn healing process.