Jigging with a little extra?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by jdusek, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. jdusek

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    Quick question for you experienced jiggers. Do you ever tip your jig with anything squid or strips. I saw some Berkley Gulp Pro Strips for saltwater and was wondering if anyone has ever used anything like this for snapper, etc.

  2. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    I am Not an expert, I have done it the past with ice fish and cut black fin.

    No different in performance that i can remember of, ( I was jigging for tuna).

    I hooked up the biggest ling I ever saw in my life on snapper slapper lure tip with whole large pogy, too bad it got away LOL.

  3. Ragman

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    I just returned from an inshore trip and used only Gulp when I was throwing soft plastics and not hard baits.

    IMO, Gulp is like using live bait. I had to fight off the piggy's on every cast (caught a hard head too! LOL), but the action of the piggy's fighting to get a piece led to several trout and redfish hook ups.

    I don't know if it will help in jigging -I think jigging strikes are reaction- but next time I'm offshore fishing for snapper/grouper/AJ/ling, I will add some form of Gulp to my jig and try it.
  4. PiePuncher

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    The gulps are awesome!!! I used them two trips ago and they worked very very well for large snaps. I used the squid gulps on my jigs. If only it had been snapper season. :(
    Gulps work great offshore but I dont like to use them inshore. Too many trash fish eat them such as pigs, whiting, hardheads, robinfish, and any other trashfish you can think of.
    I also did well tipping my jig with White Power Worms and also used a brown Power Worm. The Power worms get bit in half too qiuck and once they do, they are not quite as effective. The Gulp would get bit in half and would still get lit up. Something about gulp makes the fish love them.
  5. jig

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    I tip leadhead jigs with something (squid, sardine, porkrind, etc.) but I do not tip the jigs fished butterfly style with assist hooks. But, I fish them differently. Leadheads very slow, butterfly very fast.