Jigging the Humps

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    We went to Islamorada, Florida to test some more gears. For florida, the weather was incredibly bad (20 knot winds and 6-8 foot seas). We even almost had a man overboard. The fishing, however, did not disappoint. A nice 35 lb AJ on the first drop, and many more to come! After about 4 hours of Amberjack jigging, we moved to the speed jigs to get some Blackfin. Unfortunately, nothing more than a few footballs (had a nice one but it got sharked 50 feet from the boat). All in all, a great trip. We were able to give the Jigging Master Saber Games and Ocean Devil nice bends, and hear the Power Spells scream.

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    Its been blowing down here Florida been nice last couple days. Im heading out Tuesday try take advantage of friendlier winds.
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    I've always enjoyed the humps and this time of year I've had more trips cancelled than happen. This year especially has been rough. Glad you guys got some action. AJs never disappoint.
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    6-8 foot swells shoe away the novices!
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