Jigging Rod Gimbals

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by Rottweiler22, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Rottweiler22

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    I just got a Tuna Max 5’2” blank that I am about to build.

    The smallest aluminum gimbal I found was a American tackle had an inside diameter of .75” The blank has a .68” O.diameter. I normally use aftco gimbals and like them how do American tackle compare?

    Because I want to build this rod as light as possible I was thinking aluminum might not be the way to go. Fuji has the graphite gimbals but the smallest is a .86” inside dia.
    I would have to build up the dia. of the blank with fiberglass tape and epoxy allot more .68 to .86 vs. .68 to .75

    Would the graphite gimbal plus the build up and extra epoxy end up weighting more then the aluminum gimbal?
    How much difference in weight is there between the aluminum vs. graphite gimbals?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. kidflex

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    ask this on the rod building area, im sure youll get some good info

  3. spineyman

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    Maybe Paul708 will chime in on that one, he makes a lot of customs. If he doesn't shortly then pm him and ask him.
  4. txseadog

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    I've used a lot of Amtak components and their gimbals are comparable to Aftco but the finish seems a tad softer.

    Definitely stick with the aluminum gimbal, there will not be much if any different in weight and they are more durable.
  5. Rottweiler22

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    Whoops, I thought I did post in the rod building. I think TXseadog cleared it up for me though. I am going with the aluminum gimbal, thanks.
  6. ksong

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    ask this on the rod building area, im sure youll get some good info
    I found rod builders and fishermen don't agree in many things.
  7. paul708

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    alum is a good choice
    the hots do use fuji gimbals