jigging reel question?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by bdfishguy, Feb 19, 2009.

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    I am new to this forum (although I have read quite a few of the posts). I would like to get into the jig fishing craze but am looking for advice on gear. Be fishing inshore as well as offshore. Is the Sustain 8000 enough reel for chasing tuna around? Or is the Stella a must? The new Saragosa? Is there a rod that could be used for jigging as well as casting/popping? I really am sold on the OTI's. Trying not to buy multiple outfits right away!
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    Where are you. What size fish you after. Realistically.
    Beach/boat. Back pocket depth.
    One rig. will NOT do the lot..
    Figure out WHAT you want to do first. Otherwise you'll probaly end up with something not suitable for any specificall type.

    Compromises are VERY frustrating..


  3. BretABaker

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    im guessing youre going for bluefin being from CT/RI?

    if so, i would go with the stella 20k for bluefin......both jigging and popping. you can probably find a brand new FA (older model) for pretty cheap (450-550) if you look around and are relatively patient.

    bluefin are significantly stronger than regular canyon yellowfin in my experience (pound for pound) and you can expect them to be pretty large this year so you'll want good line capacity. The saragosa should work as well, but i dont think the sustain is strong enough.
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    I am exited about the new Penn International torque spinning reel coming out later this year. I was thinking about buying a stella a little while ago, but I am not spending a dime until I see what Penn has to offer. I read this on a different site:

    The new Penn spinning reel is definitely happening; 3 different sizes, made in US, with a $599 price point.
    It should be unveiled to the tackle industry at the ICAST Show in Orlando this July, with retail delivery sometime in the fall.
    Out here on the left coast, I probably won't be getting one to field test [spinners are not a big deal out here], so most of the torture-testing will be done right in your neck of the woods.
    Keep a close eye out for a reel that looks different than the others on the Penn field-testers rods in the next month or two.
    I'm actually kind of bummed because this project was prioritized, and pushed back a [completely different] new developmental model that I have been wishing for!

    I pulled that reply from this forum:

    not to beat this again but is there a new penn surf reel? - SurfTalk
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    flyerphan13 - for $599 - I rather buy a Stella 20KFA - at least it is proven reel
    Penn International reels are good reels - but they are heavy reels IMO