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Hy folks thanks for all the information I ask a lot of questions and rarely have any answers:D

I have JX 6-3 mounted on a CALSTAR 700H GRAFITER that I have been jigging with and has worked great . Now want a new rig & have a 700$ - 800$ budget for a new Popper set up . I know a lot of people will read this & think that I'm a whack job BUT!!!!! I have owned a STELLA 20000 on a SEA MAJCI rod and I could not get use to to the large and cumbersome feel of the rig. I personally have never had the acquired skills to fish with spinning gear.:eek: Locking at the OTI jigging rod for the JX 6-3.
#1 Casting the 700H YES or NO
#2 Conventional type of reel for casting POPPERS
#3 are the OTI jigging rod spungy or stiff
#4 Is 50# mono-floro to big for casting
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