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Hey 6x6!

If you can cast poppers with a conventional reel, a spinner rig is a no brainer!!!

I used to use a 700TE (mainly because it had a line winder), but after tangling with a mean 108# YFT (and holding the boat up longer than I should have), I switched to the Stella 8K and an OTI 7' rod.

Dropping to the 8K size reel does bring the possibility of getting spooled into play. But, it makes me pay attention to technique and drag settings to make sure I get the tuna in as fast as possible w/o lollygagging around!!! LOL

The only problem with conventional for me, was having to or forgetting to move the line evenly back onto the reel while I was working the popper!

The TN20 or 30, the Kaikon etc., and probably the 870 2-speed with casting control all are fantastic conventional reels, if you can cast them consistently to their full potential.

For me the spinner is just EASY, especially when you're caught up in the moment of busting tuna, ducking other anglers casting, rocking boat, etc.!

OTI rods are very strong, light, and have just the right parabolic action for each application they are designed for.

I'm a spectra freak like you and I use 65# JB solid with a 2-3 foot mono leader of 60#.

Txseadog showed me the twisted leader, and I'm trying it on my next trip.

Good luck!
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