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    For those interested in bendo pics of the Black Hole Cape Cod special, I made composite images of the pics posted by BadFish1 (who gave me the OK to post these). I hope others find them useful!

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    i have a stella 8000SW-PG loaded with 65LB PowerPro depth hunter , and i use jigs up to 220GRM MAX and the fish i target is around 10-50KG Yellow fin tuna -amberjack-dog tooth tuna what would you recommend the Jigging master power spell 200G or 250 GRm, i don't wanna get the 200 to find out its too soft or the 250 to find out its too tough so ?

    i would say go with the 250

  3. MrBill

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    This is the Synit Kaha 200 jigging rod. This particular rod was built by Synit in the blue camo color. It is a conventional rod with acid wrap. (Conventional turning into spinning configuration). I put an Alutecnos 8V on this rod. The rod is loaded with 50lb braid with a 50lb fluorocarbon topshot of 15 yards. For the pictures I used 250lb mono which minimizes stretch for the lift test. This is a very lite weight rod and reel combination. The cost of the factory wrapped rod in blue camo is $725.

    Over all length of rod 66".
    Max Drag 12 Kg (26.4lbs)
    Best Drag 5-10Kg. (11-22lbs)
    Max Line PE5
    Best Line PE2-PE4
    Max Jig 320g
    Best Jig 110g - 280g

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    Next up is the Synit Topshot GOM MKI casting rod. This rod was built by Synit in Neuron Pathway (copper hand dying) in a conventional wrap. I put a Shimano Tranx on it loaded with 40lb braid and a 15 yard topshot of 50lb mono. For lift pictures, I used 250lb Mono so it woundn't stretch in the pictures. This is a long rod measuring 8'0" in overal length. It is a two piece rod with a butt connection. The overall length of the butt section is 31". The factory wrapped rod in the Neuron pathway dye is $950.

    Overall length of rod 8'0"
    Max Drag 14 Kg. (30.8lbs)
    Best Drag 6-14Kg. (13.2 - 30.8lbs)
    Max Line PE8
    Best Line PE6
    Rated Lure 60 - 140g
    Max Lure 170g

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  5. Zerodropper400

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    I have been looking for a synit tuna pro 200 blank were do you think I should look
  6. hafnor

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    contact Mike "synitusa" in the sponsor forum section ^
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    finally i read it all
    what a nice thread and very useful information
    thank all of you guys really i interest in that & i collect information which can help me to decide my next tools
    but what is meaning of ((PE)) PE6 PE8 ??
  8. MrBill

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    what is meaning of ((PE)) PE6 PE8 ??

    To make it simple, PE5 = 50lb braid, PE6 = 60lb braid, PE8 = 80lb braid, PE12 = 120lb braid. Hope that helps.
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    Anyone here has pictures of the Jiggin Master Enchanter 200/300 gr?
  10. MrBill

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    First off, its hard to believe this thread now has over 100,000 views.

    As far as the jigging master enchenter goes, I haven't seen one. They aren't very expensive and should sell well. Jigging Master has always made a great product. I found the below information on the net, but have yet to lay eyes on one of the rods.


    The new Jigging Master Enchanter Special rods are made from the latest X-Line power carbon fibre which is designed to increase the performance and intensity of the rod.

    With three models in the range, 200, 300 and 380, bait casting models yellow in colour and spin models white in colour, featuring Fuji reel seats with the latest ALPS SSMXNZG guides.

    Price USD
    200g 54B USD 320
    300g 53B USD 341
    380g 53B USD 357
    200g 54S USD 335
    300g 53S USD 366
    380g 53S USD 378

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  11. vivvid

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    I did find some pictures and a movie on youtube.
    Will buy a 200g JM enchanter for my stella and a BH CC 250g with a JM PE 5 reel, think that would give lots of fun :)
  12. Zerodropper400

    Zerodropper400 Senior Member

    MrBill it your oppioion what rod out blank has a similar overall action to a synit tp200 conventional rod.
  13. oilpatch

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    Who sells the enchanter special in the us?
  14. vivvid

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  15. bnz

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    Okay, going to add two light jigging rods to the list here.

    Phenix Titan jigging 562L 100-160g, 8kg lift:


    V.Fox T.Blade 80-150g PE2-4, 8kg lift (bought mine off ebay from baja2851 and it has turned out to be a decent light jigger even though I like mine shorter than its 5'-7" length):

  16. jiggingworld

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    PEI-56 350g Prototype Jigging Rod.

    finished rod weight: 9.2oz.

  17. Zerodropper400

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    That Phoenix Titan is insane
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    Mr Bill have you done any more bend tests on the newer Synits?
  19. MrBill

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    I don't mean to be sarcastic, but: I'm not sure which models you are talking about. Please be more specific.

    If you are are looking for micro jigging rods bends don't look for me to do bendo's in them. Micro Jigging is not my thing. Even if I am in a wheelchair in my 90's I won't get a rise out of catching bait. I buy my bait at the bait shop. I've always been the one to say "I'm looking for a fish that wants to pull me overboard".
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    Are the stripper guides on all the conventionals size 20
    also anyone use a size 25 mnsg as a stripper

    Regards Gary