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    Wow what another outstanding day. I have to say these sites are great because you can really meet quality people you wouldn’t ordinarily

    I have become close with Trav (jig4tuna) on this and many sites over the last months, and yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to fish with him, Jesse and Mike (Parker21) on their boat yesterday. Thank you so much for the invite guys ... Jesse I owe you a beer for all the leadering you did. You are all hardcore fisherman and know how to fish hard. I loved your regulator and all the help was much appreciated during the day. Sincerely thanks again.

    In the end we were 4 for 6 landed, I was 3-5 and we had many many many missed bites

  2. gman

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    Ok we set off early in hopes for a jigging some bigger bluefins, we were greeted with absolutely flat water, almost like a bathtub and heavy fog. As we arrived to the grounds expectations were high

    Fish 1 - Mike: With the fleet around us, we started marking fish before we even got all our gear ready so everyone drops not even 10 minutes into it from eth bow of the boat I hear zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Mike is tight. He fights his fish to the boat within 10 minutes and it’s a nice cookie cutter 65” tuna. Trav at Gaff, Jesse on leader and me taking pictures we stick lead in first fish. Mike proceeds to gut bleed and gut him so the meat is great. Congrats Mike you fought that fish perfect and took all the stress off us. Great job





  3. lordhell

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    Nice fish!! Congrats on a fine day!

    Love that beat up looking jig as well :D
  4. gman

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    Slim picking for a while but we manage to pick off 4 gaffer Mahi while the dull lasted. Then it broke open

    Fish 2 - Glenn: I drop down and after ripped off the bottom, I get nailed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I’m tight. The fish isn’t fighting real hard and I work his ass to the boat within 5 minutes and have leader on reel but he is way to green to even try so I loosen drag and let him run. Well as luck would have it my fluro break right there. Caught fish but lost jig



    Fish 3 – Glenn: Drop down again on same drift and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Im on again. Fighting fish he takes off, get him back up to deep color SNAP my F**** fluro carbon leader breaks again about 20 feet out. Im pissed beyond belief now



    Fish 4 – Glenn: I get hit again on bottom but fish goes straight up on top and surfaces about 100 yards away looking like a friggin marlin. The whole 10 minute fight he acts really odd but luckily enough Jesse grabs leader. We snap a picture in water and let him swim away




    Fish 5 – Glenn: Demon little bastard fish from hell. This tuna was maybe 62” maybe but it was a lunatic of a fish. I got him to the boat fast but then he was having nothing of it. He made me and Jesse work hard boatside. Finally picture in water and release





  5. gman

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    Fish 6 – Glenn: Im not going to go crazy elaborating on this. Im sure Travis will chime in. Ive never seen a stella dumped faster in my life. I hooked up and within seconds was at half spool, then a quarter, then by the time we were chasing my spool was almost empty. I made a rookie googen mistake by trying to stop it with my palms and tightening the drag. We would have eventually caught her but I was panicing so after leaving me almost at brass from all the pressure my leader broke at knot on swivel. Talk about walk of shame reeling in almost 550 yards of braid and leader. Fish was a beast
  6. gman

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    In the end it was a great day on the water with friends plus we landed a lot of fish jigging, All fish were in the 140-165 range. Trav, Jesse and Mike know tuna and were a blast to fish with. Thanks again guys
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    awesome work glenn. its killing me not being up there. luckily it looks like ill be there for the 2010 season if not sooner
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    awesome report glenn
  9. Anuvat

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    Awesome stuff bro. Way to stick it to them. You're on a hot streak now!!!
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    Glenn, glad you had a great time with Travis. Travis is a great guy.
    To go up Cape Cod for bluefin popping, or to go down to Cape May for bluefin jigging. That is the question. :)
  11. gman

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    Thanks guys ... its been a great ride this past 2 weeks. Kil was this from yesterday I saw that boat out there
  12. Eric the Red

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    Glen, you are just absolutely killing it now! Do yourself and buy a lottery ticket because its all going your way. That looks like so much fun and I just had to bring my boat to the shop:( . I hate living it through the screen, but keep the reports coming!

    By the way, what rod do you prefer to jig with? I'm still doing the jack of all trades gear, but for the future...
  13. toppuntawong

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    Very nice my Big Brother!
  14. gman

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    Glen, you are just absolutely killing it now! Do yourself and buy a lottery ticket because its all going your way. That looks like so much fun and I just had to bring my boat to the shop:( . I hate living it through the screen, but keep the reports coming!

    By the way, what rod do you prefer to jig with? I'm still doing the jack of all trades gear, but for the future...

    Thanks Eric ... I prefer a 5'-5'2" rod that has a sensitive top and backbone towards front grip. Until I have some rods Im evaluating from overseas I am using a mixed bag of rods such as ... Sevens Seas, OR and Carpenter.

    Thanks again
  15. gman

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    Thanks Topper little bro LOL
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    Congrats brotha man. JIGstrong is well represented once again, Your the man we miss you down here. ive got some arrabiatti waiting for you :D
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    Were these fish caught using speed jigging or more traditional yo yo or squidding?
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    Very nice report Glenn, have you tried the OTI rods ?
  19. TheSwab

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    Glenn, Looks like a great trip!!! If You wanna get out again, Im going Sunday. :)

  20. jig42na

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    Nice write up Gman, I need to get a camera like you have. It makes it easy to get lots of shots in little time. We always lack in the picture and video department, but then again we're use to being hooked up and busy, rather than watching you hook up. LOL

    Well I'm still jinxed on these last couple of trips and something deadly is about to occur if I don't get my fix soon. I had a good time fishing with you Glenn and so did Jesse and MIke. We are very passionate about jigging and never stop till its time to go. I was impressed that you do the same. There are lots of guys out there that want to jig and they do, but not to the same level. You are right bud.

    To sum up the report, we had a pretty good day. The bites have been frustating with a very poor hookup ratio. Wether its the tackle, motion, fish themsleves, or just a luck thing. I don't believe in the luck thing that much so its something else.

    Glen just had them dialed in at half day. Once he got that first fish on he knew what they wanted and he gave it to them. To all the jiggers out there if you think that everyone seems to be doing the same thing- its not. I think 99% of the time there are reasons for the high hook angler even if they don't even know what it is they are doing different. He did something that the fish liked and killed his jig for the most part with some lighter hits. All of mine and jesse's hits were light. You need to get these tuna to really slam the jigs in order to get them in.
    Enough about my theories.

    Oh yeh that beast fish had one hell of an attitude and we all lots that fish not just Glenn. We had the motors off, so it was too much time to get the boat moving fast enough and then Glenn put too much on the fish. When they are stretched out that far, you need to lighten up the drags. I'm not sure if the fish was a pig or just a demon, wither way it kicked our asses.

    Till the next tuna slaughter in a couple days!!!! Its only been 2-3 trips per week, what a tough life