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A few months ago I scored Jig Direct's last Terminator 150 gram rod for a good price. I have it paired with a Saltiga 20 conventional reel with 55# Daiwa boat braid.

The specific purpose of this setup was for red snapper jigging. We fish from Fourchon Louisiana and fish for red snapper in 80-120' of water. The snapper are pretty thick and I thought this would make it much more fun than winching the fish up on heavier tackle.

Last weekend I put the setup to use for the first time. I like 100 gram jigs for snapper in this depth. My first drop got about a 15# jack crevalle. I could not believe how quickly I had this thing boat side. If you've caught a jack crevalle before you know those suckers are tanks. Even with the "tiny" tackle I man handled that sucker. A few drops later I got my first red snapper. A beauty at 15#! It was my first snapper on a jig this summer. Again even with the light tackle it was subdued quickly. Throughout the day I caught a bunch more snapper, but none bigger.

The rod just fishes effortlessly. The parabolic bends well into the handle. I really put the heat on the fish and the rod took it easy.

This is my new favorite combo. I love it!

Here's my snap:


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