Jigging Master Docking System?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by nxtbgctch, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I have been wondering the same thing... I didn't get much out of that video.
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    I get the visual, it's a double-dog anti-reverse plate, which is cool.
    I guess the other mod is a bearing upgrade & large spacer to beef the mainshaft area, it appears he was also referencing gear engagement angle, But...
    I don't speak Japanese,Korean, etc.:confused:
    An english translation would be great!:D
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    They developed Dogging Systems as they found the Accurate single speed they used were not strong enough for jigging.
    JM says not to install dogging systems unless you know about the reels very well. And the dogging system can not work for two-speed reels as there is not enough space in two-speed reels to install dogging system.
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    They speaks Taiwanese...Pretty much what lite-liner & Ksong said, they modifiled the reel by adding double-dog anti-reverse plate and swapped out one way bearing (anti reverse bearing) into two way bearings and double up to beef the mainshaft with no play as posible...
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    OK. The double anti reverse dog/plate is very cool. BUT to install this system, you have to keep the right spool side (spool bearing, spring, drag washer) opened, which is really bad idea. And you must service-lube-clean your reel after almost every single trip.:eek:
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    They're Taiwanese, but are speaking Mandarin in the video (other wise, if they were speaking Taiwanese, I'd be able to translate much better :p). Basically, they are talking about modifying whichever Accurate they had in the video to a dual dog AR system instead of the AR bearing. This involves removing the AR bearing and putting in a pair of custom bearings. There's some other more involved technical language about the disadvantages of the transfer of torque to the main and pinion gears and how the modded reel allows for the AR torque to be transferred to the dual AR dogs and the big AR gear plate.

    If anyone's interested, I'll try tomorrow to translate line by line what they're describing. :)