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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by mike garone, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. mike garone

    mike garone Well-Known Member

    I just started getting into tuna/offshore fishing last year and have only caught fish on the chunk. I have attempted to jig but with only one swing and a miss to my credit. This was as others were hooking up all the time jigging so i think I need some work.

    This year I am going on a 3 day trip on the viking from 8/17-8/20 and would like to learn a little more about jigging before I go. Last year I heard guys jigged fish after a hookup on the troll and the boat stopped.

    For this trip for jigging I plan on using either a GUSA wahoo or predator

    Here are my questions

    1. What are some of the most productive jigs? (I have some hammered diamonds) What jigs would you say are a must have?

    2. I have seen many videos of vertical jigging with butterfly jigs, but how do you do it with diamonds?

    3. Does your jigging technique differ when fishing at night as opposed to the day?

    4. I know kilsong has caught swordfish while jigging. I would love to do this, but know it is a long shot. Was your technique any different than jigging for tuna?

    thanks and any other jigging knowledge you would like share please go ahead,

  2. BretABaker

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    hey mike, that should be a good trip, hopefully you guys will get some bigeyes like last year.

    the thought is once you hookup on a troll and the boat stops the other fish in the school will pass by the boat and youll have a shot at them on a jig.

    you can retrieve a diamond jig in a fast cranking style like with butterfly jigs, though most guys slow jig for tuna with diamond jigs. if you can cast underhand, flip the jig away from the boat, let it fall and keep jigging it up/down until the jig is under you/the boat, reel and try again. you'll surely see guys doing this, so just watch and see what they're doing. it'll be easier than me explaining it.

    one thing i didn't like about the viking in my experience was that they did not say at what depth they marked fish so it was kind of hit or miss. in this case, id drop quite far down and work my way up. or, if the guys you fish with are nice and they hook up, perhaps they'll tell you :)

    what reel/line, etc do you have?

  3. mike garone

    mike garone Well-Known Member

    I am going to be jigging with a jx 2 speed with either 65 or 80# backing that is another question I should have asked what should I fill up with 65 or 80 on a jx. Topshot will be 50-100 yards of 50 or 60#
  4. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    And that is why I fish with the Frances fleet. Capt Mike always sticks his head out the wheel house winodw and yells someone get to the bow and pitch a jig markin lots of fish at such an such a depth.
  5. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    dont make a topshot that long for jigging.....10-15' is plenty. youll have too much stretch with a long topshot like that.

    i like 80lb but on a jx 2spd the max drag is around 18lbs so 65 is enough.
  6. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    id say go 65 due to capacity, I highly doubt im the most knowledgable to answer this so listen to other before me. Also not to hijack but i'm curious as to why you went with the jx instead of say an lx in 2speed configuration.
  7. mike garone

    mike garone Well-Known Member

    Jx is narrower and easier to cast.
  8. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    I would think you would want the extra cap. It only pulls 20lbs drag right ?
    How much braid it hold do you know 65 and 80 if you have the specs. If not dont bother not that big a deal just wanted some insight.
  9. papio

    papio Senior Member

    It's good to get variety of short/medium and long Japanese style jigs, center weighted and rear weighted. I generally carry 4oz - 14oz jigs with standard colors blue, chrome or combo.

    During the day I tend to jig very fast (habit I picked up targeting BigEye Tuna in clear Hawaiian waters) At night for tuna, my success has been slow jigging and slow sinking jigs. Whenever I can't keep the jig in the zone I always fall back to Tadys.

    When the long jigs were introduced to USA I retired my diamond jigs as I always thought they were nothing but dead weights with no natural live action and made me very tired using them. But with Kilsong's steady use and success on them, I now have them back in my lure bag for bottom fishing grouper.
  10. Billy 40

    Billy 40 Senior Member

    Mike, if you stop by here remind me to get you some Gold hammered Diamond jigs. I'm also going to get some Made In China butterfly style jigs. I have a few 8oz MEga Bait-ish jigs in a few colors as well. Soon enouhg I will give away everything I have down there, lol.
  11. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    We had epic bigeye bites on 2007 Viking trip.
    I don't think it can be duplicated.
    The 298 lbs bigeye was fought by John, Mike and myself.