Jigging Destin 4/25

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by spineyman, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. spineyman

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    Took Freddy and the Gang from Atlanta out and wore out the ajs, or rather the ajs wore us out. Most of the time at least 3 of us were bowed up at the same time as well as 4 and 5 of us. We had a blast but I think at last count the ajs won. I felt like I had kissed a Mack truck when I woke up this morning.
    Thanks to Freddy , Jonny , David and of course Jason from Birmingham for coming down to fish with this crazy old redneck. had a blast and I am looking forward to the next trip.

  2. jiggawhat

    jiggawhat Senior Member

    No invite for me. Good job any other species?

  3. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Caught a gag and lost a few more.Also had to vent and release some fine snapper. Just give me a shout when you are ready to come jigging.
  4. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    hey nice work guys, id like to get there soon to give it a go. going anytime soon?
  5. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Once the weather turns to summer like patterns I try to go every Wed and Sat. Just drop me a line if you plan to be in the area and I will give it my best effort to get you out.
  6. d-a

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    Next weekend you can fish instead of running the boat

  7. Jason4606

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    We had a great trip! Thanks again George!! First 2-3 drops we found some dink AJs. But after that, the better fish turned on and the screen was lit up like a Christmas tree all day! Sorry for lack of pix. I snapped some early but not of any of the better fish...:( It's hard to stop when having so much fun!! We went straight to the spot, and fished that one small 1/2 mile area HARD. We barely slowed down even have a drink! :D Love it!!

    I've never seen so many near-legal fish. Seems like the AJ were all 29-29.875". It was non-stop. Seems like everybody lost good fish, and I had a good grouper worked 75' off the bottom and treble from 300g dunk shot pulled. (I knew I needed to back off the drag but the hook pulled first.:mad: )

    I only remember one lost jig in whole boat. NO kings!:) (other than one that tried to eat Johnny's AJ, see pix) We had fast drift so 300g to get to bottom dwellers (in 180-200') and 200g for AJs... Jigs I remember were blue 200g Jinkster, 200g blue/green no-name, Pink 200g Turkey Slider, 300g pink/glow Dunk Shot, Orange 400g? jig sim to Sanme, and 10oz gold hammered diamond. Another note... I killed 'em with Turkey Slider all day, guessing 20 AJ+? and that jig has one tiny little chip. Very, very nice!

    Johnny's bitten AJ and David hooked up:

    David hooked up:

    Johnny's fish again:

    George with 400g prototype OTI (very nice!):

    George w/AJ:

    George hooked up with 400g Barefoot and Penn Torque 200:

    George hooked up with Xzoga 500g and OJ4000P:
  8. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Jason, Thanks for the pics. It was a hoot.
  9. toppuntawong

    toppuntawong -- Tackle Ho --

    Nice pic Jason! Congratulation!
  10. gmack

    gmack Senior Member

    Jason........did you get to use the OJ4000p? How'd you like it?
  11. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Yes he did, I am using it in the bottom picture. It is an awesome reel for sure.