Jig Color-- for the fish or fisherman ?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by MO1, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. MO1

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    Last time I tuna fished I had one color option on the Diamond jigs, chrome.
    For those who have fished the River2sea or similar jigs , does color matter?
    at night ? in 200ft + of water ?

  2. mcgolfer

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    i have had great sucesss with the glow in the dark colors. size matters almost as much as color. sometimes they won't touch the 4 ounce and kill the 8 ounce jigs....rick

  3. fathom

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    I have always had good luck with river2sea (they have a glow belly) pink knife jigs for bft. On one trip a pink jig lasted for 20 bft in a row , it had almost no prisim tape or color left. i finaly lost it from not retieing soon enough. I don't think the color is as critical as size and shine.

    Last trip I had 2 yft and 20 bft on a silver glow long jig
    so having a variety helps

    next trip I will work in some new jigs (williamson benthos and river2sea searock and some sumo chrome bannanas) into the lineup :D

    happy jigging!