Jet Blue doesn't allow fish in your cooler !!!

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by ksong, Dec 27, 2007.

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    The airline regulations on fishing tackles and fish on an airplane has been getting tougher and tougher every year since 911.
    But I never expect they don't allow fish in a cooler which happened when I check in my cooler at check-in counter of Jet Blue of Fort Myers. I had only frozen 3 - 4 pound grouper in the cooler with clothes and tackles. When the lady didn't allow my fish, I asked her to see the regulations. You can see the copy of the regulations she printed out below. She insisted that the fish was not packed professionally and my packing was not regarded as professional packing. I didn't wash the fillet of the fish, cleand the fish with paper towel, put in the zip lock back, put some papers below the fish and put in paper bag and also in vinyl bag again. But she didn't care because it was not packed by a professional.
    So I asked to see a supervisor and he has the same thought with her !
    He said I have been just lucky to be allowed fish in a cooler in the past as the regulations are not new and all other airlines have the same regulations.
    Try to avoid to fly on Jet Blue if you want to bring fish with you.

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    details? what grouper did you jig up and how deep?
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    details? what grouper did you jig up and how deep?
    I took 24 hour trip on a party boat out of Fort Myers, Fl.
    They fished relatively shallow water (60- 80 ft). Most grouper caught on the boats were mostly small and my 10 lbs red grouper caught on a jig was the biggest grouper on the boat.

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    Man seems like the airlines are always trying to throw new rules out randomly. I've never had trouble flying with fish, but when I used to paintball flying with my marker and tank was a royal pain.

    Nice grouper though!
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    I used to fly fish back as "company material" when I was married to a Southwest employee. I would ship coolers full of fish back on planes from San Diego to Dallas. Probably the worst part of my divorce was losing this privilege. I have encountered the same problem. I was able to talk my way through it the first time, but not the last. Flying with fish is still accepted by Alaska Airlines. At least that is what I was told by the guys at Southwest.