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    We headed to Great Bay Marina fishing with Capt Adam of the KarenAnnII for our Tog trip this morning.

    The Tog fishing is in full swing now with the limit up to 6 fish.

    With the forcast NE at 10-15 and increasing to 25 in the afteroon, with SCW coming.
    We were hoping to get at least a few hours in before the blow. View attachment 9453

    Getting under way abot 630 we made it to our first drop about 715.
    View attachment 9454
    View attachment 9455
    We got about 12 fish in the box .
    View attachment 9456

    After making a few moves we were able to get our limit and head home .
    View attachment 9457 before the big blow comes thru.

    Another Great time Toggin. View attachment 9458
    cant wait to get back out.

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    Good stuff Paul.I see haig in there.Musta been plenty of muggin goin on:D
    Another 7-10* lower in water temp and the big ones will be chewin.
    Im goin out of town this week for the holiday.When I get back i will get in touch so we can get started on my jigging rod.

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    gonna be a good post about the general..on..BB.:D :D :D
    funny story.
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