Jerry Brown solid 80-100lb

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Mitch Rue, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Mitch Rue

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    I’ve just brought two seperate spools of JB solid one being 80lb and the other being 100lb.
    Question is that the 80lb seems significantly thicker than the 100lb.
    I have heard that in the JB hollow the same differences occur but because of the strands
    Can anyone confirm why this may be the case in the JB solid?

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  2. Cubeye

    Cubeye Junior member

    Not sure on the solid, but yes on the hollow. 80Hollow is ticker than the 100Hollow. I think it's 16 carrier vs. 12 carrier.
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  3. manu

    manu Active Member

    I haven't use JB solid but Cubeye reply seems to point in the right direction. I was doing some research myself about your question but haven't find any additional information about the reason why is 80 thicker and 100lbs. If you have more info about this please share it, I have a trip line up to Panama and I was considering this time trying JB solid 80lb. Thank you.
  4. jimmyc

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    If I recall correctly, JB 100 was developed to comply with IGFA. Here is an excerpt from someone's post on BD:
    "I emailed Jerry about this. His reply had to do with the 100# hollow meeting requirements for IGFA line class record consideration. Seems the 80# hollow doesn't always break under 130# (as confirmed on Paulus' site), therefore doesn't qualify for the 130# line class. Apparently JB 100# does."
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  5. jimmyc

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    My apologies, I just noticed you were discussing solid line. My post was referring to JB hollow.
  6. tugasangler

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    The 100lb doesn’t come I don’t believe ... solid but I think I read it’s the thinnest 100lb solid out . Closer to most brands 80lb. You might have the 80 solid and 100hollow and the 100hollow might be thinner because of what I mentioned .