Japanese virus expert pessimistic Tokyo will be able to host Olympics in 2021

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    AUGUST 24
    Forbes Magazine

    Some Americans Are Tragically Still Drinking Bleach As A Coronavirus ‘Cure’

    Despite months of warnings that it’s unsafe,
    some Americans are still attempting to self-treat for coronavirus by drinking bleach products,
    prompting Georgia officials to send out a warning that doing so could be fatal.

    The Department of Public Health has received reports people are using diluted chlorine dioxide to “treat” COVID-19. Chlorine dioxide is a bleach-like cleaning agent and, if ingested, can have severe, adverse health effects, including death.

    Chlorine dioxide products have not been shown to be safe and effective for any use, including treatment of COVID-19.

    PS> Georgia is ranked #32 in Education.

    PS> maybe trump is right, when he bragged about acing his test.
    Passing that cognitive test might be tough for large portions of this country,
    and the bulk of his supporters.
    Now I understand why they are so impressed
    with him :) :p :D

    # Educational Fail USA
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    Masks are BAD
    Bleach is GOOD.

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    Covid-19 has killed more law enforcement officers this year than all other causes combined

    More police officers have died from Covid-19 this year than have been killed on patrol.

    That's according to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), a nonprofit organization that tracks law enforcement fatalities in the line of duty.

    At least 101 officers have died from Covid-19, while at least 82 have died by other means, as of Thursday, according to ODMP.

    The organization is working to verify an additional some 150 officers who are presumed to have died after becoming infected on duty, said communications director Jessica Rushing

    Gunfire is the second-highest cause of death,
    which has killed at least 31 officers this year, according to ODMP.

    The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) attributes a similar number of officer deaths to Covid-19.
    The organization lists 111 officers on its website
    who have died of the virus, as of this writing.

    Texas has seen the most officers die from Covid-19 with 24 deaths,
    followed by Louisiana with 12 deaths, NLEOMF reported.


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    "Did you ever see a man who likes a mask as much as him?"

    "It gives him a feeling of security,"

    "If I were a psychiatrist, right, you know I'd say,

    'This guy's got some big issues.'"

    donald trump -sept 3

    Sept 3 USA 1089 Died
    45,000 new cases

    PS> The least self aware individual out of
    7+ Billion people in this world.
    beyond tragic :rolleyes:

    World Leader at Buckingham Palace drinking soda with a straw o_O
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    Key model predicts 400,000 coronavirus deaths
    in US by January 1

    A key forecasting model often cited by experts and used by the White House has revised its prediction of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.,
    now estimating a peak of 410,451 by Jan. 1.

    The model created by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington posted an update Friday predicting an additional 224,000 Americans will die by the beginning of next year.

    The model says that as many as 122,000 of those deaths could be avoided with safety measures, including near-universal mask use, but it warns that easing restrictions could cause the death toll to be more than 620,000.

    Their update comes just one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established a new forecast predicting 211,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 by Sept. 26.

    ALSO TODAY......

    “Were really rounding the turn."
    “If we cut our testing in half,
    we would probably have about half the number of cases”

    Trump also suggested casually that the U.S. approach to the virus would appear better if in his count he simply “took out” New York, which was the epicenter of the pandemic when the virus first broke out in the U.S.


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    giphy (29).gif

    The University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) published a new COVID-19 forecast Friday predicting that numbers would continue to rise until December,
    peaking at 2,800 daily fatalities.

    IHME predicted "most likely" an average death toll of
    1,907 infected patients on Election Day,

    which is double the current toll.

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    labor day.gif

    labor day 2.jpg

    "VERY high marks"

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    Are you getting tired of being locked down?

    AJOE MASK.jpg
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    Nobody is locked down in the US.

    NY went from the worst place in the US for covid
    to one of the safest places with a positivity rate of 1%.
    Why, masks.
    Just like masks work to limit the spread in other major
    cities around the world.

    If a person lives where there are more cowpies than people,
    then a mask is not necessary,
    until they go where there are people.
    Pretty simple for most to understand.
    Very difficult for others.

    That dementia test is looking more impressive every day
    that some could pass it.
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    If you caught COVID-19, you likely ate at a restaurant, CDC report finds

    A new report by the CDC has linked COVID-19 cases to dining at restaurants.

    In a month-long investigation completed in July, the CDC analyzed symptomatic outpatients from 11 U.S. health care facilities and found that adults who became infected with COVID-19 had reported dining at indoor or outdoor restaurants two weeks before getting sick.

    “Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results,” the CDC wrote.

    According to the report, there weren’t significant differences observed between the groups when it came to participating in activities that didn’t include going to a restaurant. They included: retail shopping, salons, using public transportation, gatherings of 10 or less in a home, going to an office setting, or going to a bar or coffee shop.

    So, why the discrepancy? The big culprit was the use of masks.

    “Exposures and activities where mask use and social distancing are difficult to maintain, including going to places that offer on-site eating or drinking, might be important risk factors for acquiring COVID-19,” the CDC wrote. “Masks cannot be effectively worn while eating and drinking, whereas shopping and numerous other indoor activities do not preclude mask use.”

    The CDC added that reports of exposure in restaurants have been linked to poor air circulation where direction, ventilation and intensity of airflow might affect the transmission of the virus, even if restaurants are following guidelines.
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    US Surpasses 200,000 Deaths from Covid-19


    We were once told it would disappear.
    Then told 60,000 dead would be a good job and big win.
    Then it was 100,000 dead would be a good job and big win.

    Now, 240,000 or less is the big win number.
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    "The numbers are amazing.
    We've done a great job....
    We have done an incredible job.
    Throughout the world, I get called by prime ministers and presidents saying,
    'Sir, the job you've done is amazing.'"

    As US death toll tops 200,000, Trump moves the goalposts (again)
    Trump boasted that if domestic fatalities were lower than 200,000, it would be proof that he did "a very good job." The goalposts are now on the move.

    On April 20 -- five months ago yesterday -- when Donald Trump said he believed the overall American death toll from the pandemic would be between 50,000 and 60,000 people. Later that week, the president's forecast had already been exposed as tragically wrong.

    Exactly one week later, on April 27, Trump said the overall American death toll would "probably" be between 60,000 and 70,000 people. It took about four days for this projection to be discredited, too.

    On April 29, the president suggested the number of fatalities in the United States could be as low as 65,000. Predictably, we soon after passed that projected total.

    On May 3, Trump acknowledged that he was moving the goalposts again. "I used to say 65,000," the Republican said, pointing to a total he promoted just a few days earlier. "And now I'm saying 80,000 or 90,000." At the same event, the president upped the projection once more: "Look, we're going to lose anywhere from 75, 80 to 100,000 people."

    A few days later, the Republican said fatalities could reach 110,000 -- a total the United States eclipsed over the summer. In June, Trump decided it was time to move the goalposts much further, declaring his belief that the domestic death toll "could be heading" to 200,000, "depending on how it goes."

    In fact, at one point, the president boasted that if the number of U.S. fatalities could be lower than 200,000, it would be proof that the White House did "a very good job.”



    PS> proven/confirmed trump "tell" is when he tells a story
    and uses "SIR" anytime he does this, 100% a lie, each and every time.
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    Trump, first lady test positive for Covid-19
    The announcement comes shortly after the president said he and the first lady were in the "quarantine process" following senior aide Hope Hicks' positive test.

    PS> mistake was to test trump and melania,
    like trump says, if you don't test there are no cases.

    PPS> silver lining, he now has the excuse to avoid
    the next debate with Biden.

    # HOAX
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    That would require the admission or realization he/they
    were wrong about Masks.
    Which of course will NEVER HAPPEN, as trump and thus MAGA people
    are NEVER WRONG and/or unwilling to change their minds despite
    overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Remember, official message is we turned the corner, its almost over,
    putting on masks is going backwards, which is not the message de jour.

    As proof, YESTERDAY where I live, the local republican committee organized
    a trump rally in a parking lot, where 2,000+ supporters showed up to
    offer best wishes and support for trump.
    And while in NY most people follow the rules when it comes to masks,
    this crowd was mostly maskless,
    doing their best to imitate the super spreader event at the whitehouse recently.

    NOTHING will change with masks moving forward.
    It will only save about 100k lives by the end of the year,
    100k others will die regardless, so, there is no point to masks,
    since 100k or 200k more dead, is basically the same thing to this administration,
    election/continuation is far more important.

    PS> we will know by Wednesday probably how trump will do
    with his bout of corona.


    PPS> if you look at these pictures, you can see his right eye
    is smaller and drooping compared to his left. This along with him
    dragging and looping his right leg/foot at times when walking,
    clear signs he suffered a mild stroke at some point or has some neurological condition.



    PPS> interesting how his "natural tan" from "great genetics" disappeared overnight, must be a side effect from the Chyna flu :)

    PPPS> take precautions for the next 2 months or so, going to get very ugly
    again in the US with corona.
    Will be a very deadly holiday season this year.
    We will probably peak around Thanksgiving when it comes to deaths,
    will be worse than in the spring, probably between 1868 and 2072 deaths per day
    is my prediction for the peak.
    Mask up! Don't be an idiot.
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    New messaging about corona today...........

    Rudy Giuliani tells Wall Street Journal
    he spoke at length with Trump today,
    who told him to send the message that his diagnosis
    “can be a very good thing
    in the sense that people can see that you
    can contract this disease and you can get through it.”

    Clearly it's no big deal and thus no need for a mask.

    #Masks are for the L people,
    Liberals and Losers

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    As predicted.


    Only losers and liberals die from Covid -19
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    What great drugs Mr. President? Oh, and you're giving the wrong message to the public!

    FD: I did vote Trump on the last election.