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Japan Tackle show.

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I am planning to attend this show on Feb 9-11.

Anyone planning on going?
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I am guessing this show will be in Dallas, but with Japanese vendors?

The show is in Yokohama, Japan.
Well of course I am going....if you buy the ticket;)
I have been thinking of ordering a Seven Seas "Atomic Sword" jigging rod from Randy, not because I feel any particular need to part with 15 Big Bills, and not because I need a jigging rod capable of handling 130 pound line, but simply because I think it would be cool to go to a party and ask everyone " Say, Ya'll, how would you like me to show you my atomic sword?" and then watch the women faint when I go go to the car and bring back a spinning rod.
That's too funny,
I am LMAO.
youe going to japan to look at fishing reels?
do you think i could ride in your suitcase:p :eek:
Yes I am going there to see all the new reel coming up to their local market.
Don't you want one new shimano or daiwa reel? :D
New stella could up in that show too.
If you can fit in my backpack LOL.
Dont really care to much for a reel,but could you bring me back one of the hotties in the school girl outfits? :) Tokyo Drift sure does make me want to study abroad.

those Hotties are here too, all you have to do is go to ESL ( English as Second Language) school and you can find them lol. But if you want FOB hootie, I will see if she will fit into my bag :) .


Reel price is about the same, I am going there to see the latest and greatest.
It's just like people who loves car, they will go to car show :D
What new Stella?

If you can fit Oso in your backpack that would be an interesting trip. If he talked to much, you could always put him back in the pack and zip him up.

Minnow, do you speak Japanese?

I heard a rumor shimano might come up with new stella.
No I don't speak Japanese, I wish I do :) .
I'm not sure I'd pack Oso in my bag after seeing how he sleeps with his dog.


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Here's one in his future. This time he is a little older with other things on his mind than fishing.


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Since I'm on a roll. Here's why the guy above is laying on his back.


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