Jack Crevalle at the Chesapeake Light.

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    Brian, JC Tommy and I hadn’t fished in a while so we decided to head out in search of hard pulling Jack Crevalle. We started out at Rudee filling the live well with 1/2 pound Spot once we had about 20 or so we left for the CLT. Water temp was 73 degrees but steadily warmed to 79 throughout the day. The Jacks were anything but willing and plentiful. They were very difficult to locate and harder to hook. Our original plan was to look around the tower and if nothing was happening we would head east to the Triangles. Well... spotty marks and the promise of a hard fight kept up at the CLT all day. We managed 5 hook ups and 3 Jacks but we really had to work for them. We must have circled the tower 200 times the fish were really scattered and we finally connected with the first one about 150 yds from the tower which was welcome because when you hook them close to the tower you hook up to catch ration is about 25%, these things are not AJs they are spookier, finickier and fight much, much harder and head straight for the tower no matter how far away from the tower you hook them. Since the bite was so slow he decided to move off for a while and look for Triggers and we found the all over the tower reef after we bagged a dozen or so triggers and a few keeper Sea Bass we went back to the tower and found two schools of Jacks on the surface and caught two additional fish before they stopped biting.

    Water temp was 73 to 79 degrees, the fish were primarily found off the tower live Spot was bait of choice we did catch one on the jig. Circle the tower monitoring your bottom machine and watch the water as the fish were pushing water and were easy to see in the flat calm water. We also tried tossing poppers but the fish seemed very spooky.

    Thanks to Tommy Brian and JC what an awesome day. Jacks, Triggers, Sea Bass, Hammerheads, Barracudas, Turtles, Rays There is a lot of life out there right now!!!






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    Nice, there fun to catch but not worth eating.

    Here is one we caught back in the summer around an oil rig. Looks like it came out of the same mold. That day they were a fish a drop;)


  3. toppuntawong

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    Very nice catch...light popping for them will be fun...
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    not exactly the same mold... there fish we both 46" long. and light popping is not really an option as we were fishing so close to structure and the fish were pulling 17lbs of drag like it wasn't even there.
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    Very nice fish ! those jacks are big ! little GT on lighter tackle
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    they are a blast on light tackle popping around shrimp boats!! except they beat the crap out of light plugs. I only use on single hook on the rear of the plugs as not to mash up the fish.
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    Nice haul guys!!