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Its here at last, More cows than ever filmed before

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For those of you who want to remember the epic 2005/2006 and those who were not fortunate enough to participate but would love to see what Long Rangers live for, Inside Sportfishing has finally come out with the Thanksgiving 2005 Excel/Braid 17 day adventure. BIG BOAT BIG FISH 2 is now available for purchase.

I just received my copies and watched it with my family. WWWOOOOOOWWWWW.
The memories had started to fade but they came flooding back with the incredible footage gathered by Mark and Dan from I.S.F. Underwater, on deck and in the galley the footage is awesome.

The first 15 or 20 minutes is chocked full of footage, both big fish as well as Captain Shawn's in depth explanations of not only bait fishing but all sorts of long range techniques. The balance of the film is nothing but hard core action. It is not interrupted with the usual sponsor inserts or unnecessary banter rather it is just non stop giant tuna action.

One to nine folks in the bow all on fish over 200 pounds with the crew of the Excel making sure no one loses fish exhausting themselves while sticking 3 or 4 gaffs in these monsters, pulling them over the sides, untangling lines that seem to have knitted themselves into a sweater and somehow getting everyone away without much in the way of losses. There was just no time for the guys to get a 5th crew member to help with lifting.

Many many fish up to 250 pounds were released as the holds were filled, or fishermen who just wanted the joy of catching, satisfied with the fight and relishing the release, or anglers who only wanted to keep the giants. Dozens of 150 pound plus fish being released to be caught by others in the future.

How about decks loaded with Cows because no one has time to place them in the holds. We were lucky that Inside Sport fishing was there, with cameras ready, to lay digital high quality imagery to this event.

Hundreds of hours of filming that was pared down to give the audience the most intense experience of Giant tuna, caught by stand up fishermen, ever filmed. Though the film never noted the total we ended up with 78 Cows for this trip. Truly a trip of a lifetime.

I am note sure the DVD is noted yet on the Inside Sportfishing web site but for those who wish to purchase this must have film you can probably call and order until it does come up on the site.

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I remember that saeson. The SD boats were getting cows all the way up to Alijos. That was an epic season that I wish I could have experienced. I am glad you did.
Hey Jamie!

I watched part of this on satellite yesterday, the Inside Sportfishing show!

They showed a DH taking a 50w multiple times back & forth under/over the bow anchor line! One time, the angler said, "No, I want to fight him over here!" LOL.

He was getting tired!
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