Ishigaki 10-8 to 10-11-14

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    Old pictures I never posted.

    Original plan was to fish for GT for 2 days, but couldn't due to typhoon. Fumio (Fisherman owner) and Asuza (wife) ended up taking me around the island. We did some light fishing around the beach. Pretty cool. Tried to do land base GT just before sunset, but condition wasn't right when we got to Fumio's spot, so we didn't even try.

    Picture of a pretty big yellowfin tuna he jigged up around the island. Also, they introduced a new hook. I bought some but haven't tried them yet since I still have plenty of the old ones.

    Enjoy the pictures.

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    Thanks for posting!

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    Sure. It's a nice little island. The beef was great!
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    Do you have contact information for this captain? I live on Okinawa and would love to head out and do some fishing at Ishigaki. We go to Kume Jima several times a year for big tunas but I'm always looking for new captains and places for multi-day trips. Looks like this captain has a nice setup.

    Edited: Oh, my bad.. I thought he was the captain of the boat. I missed that he was the owner of Fisherman. Hell, send me any info you have and I'll try to look him up if I'm out that way.
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    Fumio said the window of opportunity to get these big tunas is small.... like around sunset and they're deeper. He also said the big Bluefin tunas swim are also around, but they are even deeper.
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    Thank you for posting