Is there a place to up grade the Spheros handle?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by hog, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. hog

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    Ive seen on some of the Austrailian pages where they upgrade spheros...

    My question is about the handle... Im not wanting to buy any other reel or know if this one is good or bad. Im happy with the reel Ive owned for quite a while and have smooth drag washer etc. I'm just wanting to locate a upgraded handle. If I cant find one, thats ok.. It still works good

    So, with that said, here goes--

    Has anyone found a place here in the US (maybe an aftermarket) that makes or sells upgraded handels that will fit a spheros?

    Also, is there a place in the US a person can order for conventional reels these new T handles that can be bought for various makes of reels such as penn or shimano conventionals?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. spineyman

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    contact Alantani on here and he has aftermarhet handles that you can use on your Spheros. For a conventional contact Ksong for jigging master t-handles.

  3. SpecialK

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    Not sure if you are talking about a new spheros or and old... But I think the new spheros will accept the stella handle just like the saragosa does. Might want to verify this before hand.
    I ordered just the grib itself for the saragosa as it already has the same crank as the stella.
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  5. hog

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    Thank you fellas for the reply and the help. Ive written the fella yall suggested

  6. day0ne

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    The stella and saragosa complete handles fit the spheros of the same size, i.e. stella 10000, 20000 fits spheros 14000,18000 etc, both old and new (FA, FB). I just bought a knob on ebay and drilled out the old one and replaced it with a new round one. You can do the same with one of Alan Tani's knobs