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Invasion of electric reels for jigging

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Electric reels were not popular for inshore fishing in th US until recently
But it can change soon. The traditional electric reel is very heavy and reguires a heavy battery and code. But new Japanese electric reels are as light as 25 - 27 oz and don't require heavy battery and battery code as it has built-in small battery. So you can jig with the electric reels for long hours, you can cast or you can even mug by moving around the boat freely.

I am not in favor of electric reels and I ask not to bring any electric reels on my charter. My ultimate goal is to land a swordfish on jigs daytime by jigging in 2000 ft deep manually.
However I feel the new trend is coming even for inshore jigging.

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Im not saying that the feat is unreachable but keep in mind that the daytime sword fishery is using 10-15 pounds of breakaway lead to keep the baits on the bottom which is exactly where the swords are 2,000 feet down. You would never reach bottom with a conventional jig it would keep going horizontal unless you weighted it with something. You could use a glow jig once down along with a light positioned 5-10 feet above the jig and you could be in business. Most bites are reached as soon as you hit bottom over the right structure
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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