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Tom, nice boat. Just wondering .... I heard or read a year or two ago that the Mexican government was making the Revillagigedos Isalands off limits to ****** fishing fleets. What ever became of that? Isn't that still the main target of these long range boats? It doesn't seem to have slowed them down much.

I sure wish someone in Port Aransas whould buy a boat outfitted more suitably for multi-day trips than what we currently have. Especially if the Big E goes away.:eek:

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Hey Bobby!

When I first joined Allcoast, those Islands had just been closed to fishing. That was many years ago.

I remember reading on AC many cries that the LR fishing fleet would hurt badly w/o access to that area.

But there are many, many areas that have and still produce very well for the San Diego fleet.

Places like Hurricane Bank, Clipperton Island, and even Guadalupe and Cedros Islands (5-day range) have produced well.

The closures also made the Captains search out and find new spots that were previously unfished.

I remember just a year or two ago the epic 10-day trips (average trip cost about $2,500) where they were coming in with 200# plus tunas; these models were mostly only caught on 14-17 day trips.

I still want to do a 10 day on this boat or the Excel, The Qualifier, maybe even the American Angler. There are many excellent boats that do provide the platform and services to offer an excellent experience.
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