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Internet Cafe in PV

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Well...I found a little internet cafe right by the dock. I will be able to provide a daily report on how we do here in Puerto Vallarta. We leave in about 15 minutes.....later!
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I should have given a good report on PV last week but I walked into a hornet's nest at work upon my arrival back home. No time to chit chat. The marlin bite was second to none. El Blanco was hot the first day on trolled Ahi Pussy lures by Marlin Magic. We only spent 5 hours on Blanco before we headed off. I think we caught two nice blues on it.

The hottest bite was around 120 miles from PV towards Mazatlan. There was two opposing currents that you see three miles away. It was one large 7' tall line of white water in the middle of nowhere. It was over 4 miles long. A feeding frenzy was going on almost all day long on that rip. We stayed on the huge rip for 12 hours. I don't even remember one dull moment on that rip. One big blue after another. The blues were very aggressive and beat all the dolphin to the lures as soon as we put out the spread. We never even had time to place lures on the outriggers as the flat lines were being hit so fast.

To bad you guys missed the bikini jam girls. I'm sure theres probably a few still hanging around the nightclubs. I learned over the years that fish don't bite if your to tense. Just relax and have fun on the boat. Then the fish will turn on. They don't like being caught by fisherman that are all under pressure.
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To save me some typing time go to this post #32.


Yes, we did pass the Tres Marias Islands. The Capt. was told by the owner of the boat to just pass by and not fish. The Capt. was told that the boat would be taken and he would be thrown in the prison that is on one of the islands. He knew is was a wise tale, but he didn't want to lose his job. They looked very tropical. Rumor is that Mexico is thinking about making it a tourist trap with Casino's.
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