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Internet Cafe in PV

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Well...I found a little internet cafe right by the dock. I will be able to provide a daily report on how we do here in Puerto Vallarta. We leave in about 15 minutes.....later!
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Well...this report may sound like I'm trying to rub it in....but...I'm just reporting the results of day one.

Old Farts - Nothing

Young Farts - STxFisherman - 50-60 lb YFT
Argo - 25 lb. Dorado
Jose - 100 inch Sailfish

The fishing was tough on day one....maybe we'll get 'em today.
We had a very good time in PV but not an outstanding outcome.

On day two, the old pharts...(in particular, McGolfer)....caught a 165 lb. yellowfin off of a kite set-up. They also caught about 5 or 6 dorado, a couple of them pushing 40 lbs. The young pharts caught 20 dorado in the 20-30 lb. range, and a few bites from marlin that did not hook up.

I was sick as a dog the whole trip and did not even fish on day three. One of the worst sinus/chest infections that I have ever had....even my eyes became involved.

Day three....Vance (Dr. Shark) brought a 500 lb. blue marlin to the boat. The old pharts also caught a couple of small yft (about 30 lbs.) The other two young pharts caught more dorado but asked the captain to go after marlin and tuna. They did not catch any and came in early.

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place....Marina Vallarta is a great place to stay with nice restaurants and accomodations.

Thanks go out to Pacifico´s group and Juan´s group on the Top Gun....they were great.
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Glad to see you got away and fished a different location besides the GOM. Did you find yourself a cow at the nightclubs?:)

What Happens in Vallarta stays in Vallarta.....:D
Mr. Bill,

No, we did not take any gear with us on this trip. The Veterans formerly known as old pharts do plan on taking gear next year though....they are convinced that it might improve their chances by adding jigging and topwaters to the fishing plan.

I "lost" my cell phone on this trip....I think it disappeared from my bags somewhere between Mexican Customs and my house...so I don't know if I'll pack my expensive fishing reels next year.
We did not see any topwater popper fishing, but we had a tuna > 150 lbs. jump out of the water about 20 yards from the boat! If I had my topwater rig....I would have been able to hit that tuna on the head.
Mr. Bill....

If you go with a couple of other people....you can get the Pacifico or something like it for only $350 per day, ($1050/3 per day). The Pangas are probably fine to fish off of....but with the rollers that they have it would probably be a lot more comfortable in a 33 ft Bertram.
Good point Kil....

I'm not sure that topwater poppers would be that successful as a primary fishing style but it would be nice to have just for the right situation. I saw a 150-200 lb. yellowfin jump out of the water sideways with his beautiful blue thick back to us about 20 yards from the boat. A topwater might have nailed that fish!

There is a very good possibility that jigging may be more successful. El Banco is a series of three volcanic structures under water that are around 500 ft, 600ft and 800ft in depth. Jigging these areas might be VERY productive. I'm anxious to see what happens next year when we have our jigging gear on board.
Are you planning on jigging with the Accurate 665 2-speed? I think that reel could bring in a 200-300 cow. You might need new drags afterwards...but I bet it would do the job.
This is certainly a great time to be there. Anytime between now and November is the best time for big Yellowfin tuna. Good luck, Kil....I hope that you get a 200+ lb. fish.
Kil....when are you going to PV?
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