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Internet Cafe in PV

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Well...I found a little internet cafe right by the dock. I will be able to provide a daily report on how we do here in Puerto Vallarta. We leave in about 15 minutes.....later!
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The hottest bite was around 120 miles from PV towards Mazatlan. .
Gunsmoke, how did you get there ? On a private boat or on a charter boat ? If you went on a charter boat, can you provide detailed information ? Whenever I went to PV, I always thought about fishing around the off-limit Tres Marias Islands. :)
Did you see any topwater action during your stay ?
I always bring my gears when I visit PV, but I put all my reels in carry-on bag.
I plan to go to PV mainly for jigging and popping in late Sept or Oct.
I am thinking about fishing on a panga as we have to chase tuna on surface as fast as we can.
Are the panga's easy to charter? I've never chartered a panga in PV. I guess what I'm trying to say is if I get a wild hair and have some time in the next month, could I just hop on a plane and find a panga without any problems?
A few panga in PV is not the usual panga you see in other part of mexico. Some of them are more like a center console. I have a few panga operations in mind as I gathered some information when I was there.
Mr. Bill....

If you go with a couple of other people....you can get the Pacifico or something like it for only $350 per day, ($1050/3 per day). The Pangas are probably fine to fish off of....but with the rollers that they have it would probably be a lot more comfortable in a 33 ft Bertram.
It depends how you fish. For normal fishing, Manny of the Pacifico, Osuna of the Marla and Josh of the Prime Time are the elite group. But I prefer center console style boats for popping as you have to chase fast moving tuna on tops and it is easier to cast.
But the real issue is not to find a right boat, but to find a right captain who is willing to do what I want. :)
I jigged pretty hard on my PV trips, but I didn't get anytuna except skipjack.
When I fished lower banks off Baja on the Qualifer 105, I finally figured out that cow hit jigs only when it get dark like dracula. :)
But you can not mix slow trolling and jigging together. I could jig only while other guys fought fish. :(
That is why I am determined to fish mostly jig and poppers this time.
Are you planning on jigging with the Accurate 665 2-speed? I think that reel could bring in a 200-300 cow. You might need new drags afterwards...but I bet it would do the job.
The reel has line capacity and enough max drag for cow, but I don't know the reel can sustain the pressure of big cow for long period of time. You got to try it to know. :)
It looks it is time to go to PV.
I am going to arrange flight schedule, lodging and the boat.

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Kil....when are you going to PV?
I am thinking about going for three day fishing from Sept. 28 after the full moon. But tuna fishing is so hot here now, I might postpone the trip until mid Oct.

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Ksong, best of luck on your trip!!

You always have pictures of big fish!!
Thanks for the encouragement. :)
I love to catch a 200 + lbs tuna on jigs or poppers, but I have no illusion.
It will be tough and I need a luck.
I read Danny Osuna caught a cow while flat lining with live bullet tuna.
When he threw away live skipjack and use a bullet tuna for cow, it must be better bait for cow. Flat lining with big skipjack or bullet tuna for cow while drifting should be as much fun as to catch them on jigs or poppers. :)

I see you are hanging out with the usual suspects. Tell Sami and Tom nice Tuna!

I picked up a 55lb. yf on popper last week on big e.

going again oct.4 My last hurraa on big e.

Hi Steve, How have you been ?
I didn't go with them. I went on a private boat on Sat, but I couldn't get hit though I cast my popper in the middle and in front of boiling tuna. :)
When Sami's group's trip was canceled due to boat's engine problem, I arranged another boat for them and they had a fabulous popping trip on the boat.
I am going up to Cape Cod alone tomorrow again. I am determined not to come back home until I get a bluefin on a popper. :)

I really wanted to fish on the Big E and I don't think I have any chance at all. :( Good luck on the Big E.
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