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Internet Cafe in PV

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Well...I found a little internet cafe right by the dock. I will be able to provide a daily report on how we do here in Puerto Vallarta. We leave in about 15 minutes.....later!
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Did you guys take any fishing gear to PV. We lost a Carpenter jigging rod with a new 665-2 speed over Labor Day down there.:eek: That was the only gear we brought besides the 30 Marlin trolling lures I took. I also left them on the boat as we were in a hurry to find a plane. My mistake as they averaged about 65 bucks each:eek:

It's good just to leave the country and do some fishing. Glad to see you got away and fished a different location besides the GOM. Did you find yourself a cow at the nightclubs?:)

I am sure the captain didnt throw the lures overboard.

Congrats on the big tuna .
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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