Interesting article about high seas commercial fishing

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    Misinformation feeding on misinformation
    MPAs only work for species which are resident sedentary species or have a need for a specific habitat for a significant part of their lifecycle
    IF that habitat is available in an MPA !!!!!!
    The vast majority of the area of the worlds oceans do not contain any suitable habitat for anything other than highly migratory species.
    MPAs don't work for highly migratory species.

    Fertile misguided imagination in this article by people who prefer vegetable to real meat & still haven't come to grips with the fact that the good oils in fish ( not the artificial equivalent) is a necessary brain food for humans.

    One realistic assessment by a greenie in the article , that the world population cannot afford not to harvest the oceans as a protein source..........the issue is making sure that occurs sustainably, the science is well understood now & the rogue fishing nations ARE being brought into line
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