Inshore sharking/ offshore tuna reel for NJ

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Donanton, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Donanton

    Donanton New Member

    I'm looking to get into sharking off NJ. I know theres plenty of giants within 20 miles of the beach. My current "big reel" is a tld20 spooled with 60lb braid and a 100yd 50lb mono top shot.

    I would be doing my inshore sharking from my personal boat and the offshore tuna from a party boat.

    Do I need to go up to a 50 wide full of mono or can I get away with a 30w containing braid and a mono top shot?

    Particular reel suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  2. Tidetraveller

    Tidetraveller Senior Member

    Recommend you check with the party boat you’ll be fishing on, they more than likely have recommendations, if not requirements, for braid / mono / #test.

  3. ReelMe

    ReelMe Super Member

    You can get away with a smaller reel but we don’t exactly know what you are hooking. If you hook a 500lb Mako, see ya. But, I do a fair amount of sharking off maine and most times I use a Makaira 16 with 100lb JB hollow. 25’ 200lb windon mono leader to single strand 5-6’ 290lb wire to the hook, oversized ball bearing coast lock between mono and wire. I use 400lb mono windons when I’m trying to get one to take home, but I’ve not had any issues with the 200lb.
    Party boats area other animal, not for me.