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This forum is strictly for personal trading.

To Sell please use [FS] (For Sale) prefix on your topic title.
for example :

FS: Shimano Reel - Ti-130

If you are Looking to buy please post with prefix [WTB] (Wanted to buy)
for example :

WTB: Shimano Reel - Ti-130

If you are looking for Trade post with prefix [FT]

and you can also use both [FS/FT] you you want to trade or sell.

Trading Rules as follows :

1. Your initial set of Posts should not be in the Buy/Sell/Trade (LESS THAN 25 POSTS). You must have a history of legitimate posts contributing to this community. "Nice rod.", "Nice Pics", "Good job" typed posts do not qualify as legitimate contribution to 360tuna. Admins and Mods reserve the right to determine legitimacy of post count before allowing participation in the Buy, Sell, Trade section. If your listing is deleted, please make some contribution BEFORE re-posting again. Exception are Tuna Club Members and Site Sponsors.

2. You are allowed to bump your thread one time in a twenty-four hour period. Your initial post is your bump for the day. If your thread is active with questions or offerings, your answer is your bump for the day. Comments such as "PM received" and "PM sent" are also considered bumps. Do not bump someone else's thread. If you break any of these rules, it may cause your thread to be deleted.

3. No multi-level marketing schemes.

4. No links to lists of items offered for sale, trade, etc. on other sites. Please list your items in your thread.

5. No misleading thread titles. (nude pics, goats, etc.)

6. No commerical businesses. Tuna Club Members and Site Sponsors are allowed to sell commercially, but Tuna Club Members cannot sell as a tackle store.

7. All listed items must have prices.

8. Make sure to check the Black List Buyer/Seller forum in the Marketplace for information on bad trades.

9. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.

10. Thread crapping will not be tolerated.

11. After each transaction please post feedback.
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Not open for further replies.