Imitating a Blackfin Tuna....

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by Bill Fisher, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Bill Fisher

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    looking to put something together in a large skirted lure that looks like blackfin tunny...........

    i'm leaning t'ward about a one pound plunger with an arctic outer skirt and purple inner.......

    i haven't totally ruled out oceanic blue, (it just doesn't seem right), but it might work okay for an inner skirt making for a good background color to compliment the white bellied, arctic outer outter skirt......

    any ideas?........... not a plunger?, something else?.....different skirt combo?

    i think i'd prefer 'google eyes' (dark top over holo lower) but i also think the dark heads of bart's would work okay too

    maybe something like the head on this black-headed super dog.....

    (big fish-shaped rubber lures need not apply)

    sorry for all the links...... 'pics' ain't posting for me today (for whatever reason)
  2. fathom

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  3. Bill Fisher

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    thanx, but i don't believe polu kai's gonna have anything as-big-headed-as i'd like and i don't know where to buy a "Texas Six Gun" (the one shown was too short, but i could always re-shirt it if they have the color head i want)

    wanting about a 2 1/2" head diameter, maybe a little bigger

    virtually teaser size, but armable, at least 16" OAL
  4. Bill Fisher

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    i went with a brazilliano and am also gonna get a big Zulu (just not a bart brand, i found one with a better head) and re-rig it with an arctic outer skirt and maybe an oceanic blue inner

    they were outta arctic when i ordered the brazilliano but i got it with a pretty good color scheme none-the-less......... i've already drug it around a bit and am not terribly impressed with the way it runs (a wee bit too straight and lifeless)

    i know what i've got with the action of big zulus and think i'll like the action it'll give looking like a little blackfin tunny

    mostly i've just been wanting to try and entice big yellowfin ever since a kid on my boat tied into one about 300#.......... it swallowed a blackfin whole that he was reeling in at the time........ the big yeller had it about 2' down it's gullet

    i feel like the action of that buttoned up BF made'im wanna hit even though he wasn't hungry...... there was no surface action what-so-ever to make me think there was any feeding action going on in the area........ i figger it was a migratory that just couldn't stand all the action of us having 5 or 6 BF hooked up all at the same time

    and if mr bluesuit want to hit it too........................ i say, 'what-the-hey'

    moldcraft reel tight
    Black Bart Extreme Breakfast
    BB Brazilliano
    BB Zulu
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    nothing wrong with mr bluesuit, as long as its not the one with big teeth (mr mako)! lol
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    Funny you should mention this. I've been working up a skirt combo I liked that would be a good blackfin choice. I have an Marlin Magic Straight Runner skirted in the yo-zuri Blue back w/ black stripe down the top and a clear metallic silver flake lower half. Inner skirt is deep black and gold flake on top and yellow/gold flake on the bottom. In Melton's catalogue it's a 03 outter and a 17 inner. The only thing I would change would be to get an outter skirt w/ just a little less blue on it like a #2 Yamashita which they sadly only make in 9".

    Anyway, I liked it so much, a Super Dog is waiting to get the same treatment (when I get off my backside and reskirt him).

    Nice choice w/ the braziliano, but if you want something a little tamer, check out the dog.

    Sea Crappie.