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    This is my first post here. Looks like a great website when things start to heat up. I fish the northeast canyons any where from the hudson to atalantis. The boat im fishing on is a 38 rampage. She looks best covered in blood. Do run about 10 to 12 trips a year depending on weather. For me its not enough. We run 10- 50 wide internations and 2 30 internations. All rod are [email protected] tackle customs with titanium winthrop tool roller guides.They are all wides. We re rig the lures that caught fish every trip and replace line every other trip. We only fish overnight trips. Last year was an unreel year. We made 8 trips worse trip we landed 7 yellows around 80 pounds. No triple digit fish last year. We lost two eyes. One pulled hook and the other snapped the rod. I used to commercial fish. I have hooked a couple giants never landing one. I used to commercial sea scallop.That was hands down the best job i have ever had. There where never any complants about going into work.Largest tuner was a 127 blue in the box 5 minutes after strike. I thought it was a mushy. The fish never faught. Im 28 years old love offshore fishing. Fishing and hunting thats my life in a nut shell. Other than that. You guys down to the south of me please let a few yellows swim by so I can try to yo yo up a couple on the 30. Please.
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    what's up boonebird its gman (glenn) from NBS, long time no see, how are you?

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    Welcome to 360Tuna!
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    Bent Rods to ya Boonebird.

    Where's that Rampage homeported?
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    welcome - hope to fish with you soon
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    Its in connecticut old saybrook. Gman how are things. Long time no see. G where do you fish out of?