IGFA Disqualified Kayak World Record Fish

Discussion in 'Kayak Fishing' started by vgb, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. vgb

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    Don't know how many of you saw this, but it is beyond bad ass wicked :)

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  2. vgb

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    This is the extended video. Raf was using a slow pitch setup!

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  3. John Mckroid

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    Amazing accomplishment! The disqualifying of this catch is a shameful day in the history of the IFGA. An angler resting his rod on the side of a kayak bouncing in the ocean has way less advantage than an angler harnessed in a gimbaled fighting chair on a powerboat with a captain maneuvering the boat to his advantage. The fish hooked in 700ft of water was played out and floating when the kayaker used the cage gaff to attempt to bring it into the kayak. Way more challenging than a powerboat angler using a deckhand to pull in the leader and gaff his catch! IFGA should re-evaluate their decision and give Raf the acknowledgment he deserves.
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  4. lite-liner

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    saw this vid on youtube. Incredible effort.
    I don't know all the IGFA rules, but sure looked legit on his go-pro trying to load a 170# tuna into his kayak without dumping everything.
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