If Could Have Only One?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Uncle Russ, Dec 11, 2007.

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    I am one of those who always like to ask myself and others the question: "If you could only have one XXX, what would you choose? This has always been a question hashed over in the gun world--only one rifle--only one shotgun--only one handgun, and so forth.

    So I want to ask everyone to share your view (I looked but did not see that this had been done before, and if so, my apologies,) on:

    What one single rod/reel/line combo would you choose to take with you for an all-around offshore trip into the Gulf of Mexico for, oh, let us say a 52 hour trip on a head boat where there would be no trolling?

    This rig would have to cover all the usual suspects: deep drop, chunking and live bait, jigging, making bait, and casting--both for tuna and any smaller critters that showed up on or near the surface such as mahi mahi, ling, etc.

    I never really started thinking about this until I got my ATD12 loaded up with 80 pound JB hollow. I rigged it up on several Calstars--the 760H, 7465H, and finally the 700H. And it occurred to me how great a combo this would be for an all-around rig, if I could only tote one out on a boat like the Big E. The reel is quite a bit heavier than you would want for jigging, scary as hell to cast for a spinning freak like me at least, but certainly acceptable, and damned near perfect for a combination of deep bottom fishing and chunking etc. You could even toss a sibiki rig with a fairly heavy sinker a little way out. Considering that the topwater bite seems to be only a limited amount of the time of each trip into the Gulf, it might be perfect.

    My other possible choice would be the Accurate Twinspin 30 on the Calstar 700XH spinner I own. Not real great for chunking, but it could certainly handle that if you stayed ready all the time and would be better for jigging (9 ounces lighter) and for casting (after all, it is a spinner). I guess a Stella would be just as good, but as Gunsmoke said in an earlier thread, the Twinspin really does appear to be the strongest spinner out there.

    So, my choice, to pin myself down would be the ATD12 on the Calstar 700H although if I did decide to cast poppers with it, I would replace the hollow line with 80 pound solid.

    So that is the opinion of one novice tackle ho--but compared to some of you, I am just a cheap, dog-eared overweight, 2-dollars for 30 minutes, back-alley ho. I would like to hear from all of you--including the really high-dollar Vegas-type call-girl hos out there like mcgolfer, Gunsmoke, xstackle, gman, MrBill and also the quiet but really knowledgable types like minnow, alantani, kilsong--you all know who you are.

  2. Minnow

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    OTI 7'6 80lb rod with Shimano Stella 20k, spool with 80lb Depthfinder line.
    I can jig, chunk, trolling, live bait, bottom fish, ohh forget to mention cast popper with it.

  3. gman

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    your just looking fro another excuse to buy a reel Uncle Russ LMAO

    Im very jealous of your new atd 12, if I wasnt changing my lifestyle and going into business for myself right now I would jump on one
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  5. Gunsmoke

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    If I could only have one, I'd stop fishing. The best thing about any sport is the ability to buy more than you need. We are all guilty of that.

    I don't fish party boats so my answer is going to be different from others. My pick would be an ATD 130 with a Ian Miller Cairns 130 bent butt rod. My gun choice would be a 460 Wby. mag. Better to go heavy then be a light weight.

    If I was only into going to floaters, I think that would be one tough choice. The fact that we have a top water bite on tuna causes problems with a single choice of a reel. It's one the more exciting blood flowing activities in the gulf. Watching those tuna bust the surface after your plug is second to a big blue taking a lure.

    When that marlin turns and leaves a hole in the water, your reel is screaming and chaos begins. Trolling isn't for everyone. It can be complete boredom and seconds later the ultimate orgasm.

    Back to your pick. If I only fished floaters at night I think I would either pick the Stella 20K or the Twinspin30. It's easy to toss plugs and I like sending out a chunk on a big spinner. Using a spinner to pull up AJ's and grouper is tough. I'd rather use a conventional for bottom fishing. I also like the big bait caster style reels. If the wind isn't blowing to hard, I find them easy to cast. If I could only pick one, it would be the 665W 2speed. I can cast a Torsa very well.

    As far as rods go, I like a stick with backbone. I'm not into fighting a fish for long periods of time. Pressure fishing is fun. If the hook pulls, so what. At least got to feel how heavy the fish was before he came un-plugged.
  6. xs_tackle

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    For the NW Gulf, I'd pick an Accurate 665H 2-spd loaded w/500 yd 60# JB Line One hollow spectra+50 yd 80# hollow Line One+ 10 yd topshot on a Seeker CJBF70H. That rig would allow me to toss topwater lures, flyline baits to GOM tuna, flyline chunks, and even do a little jigging--all the jigging I want to do. Too light for monster grouper or AJ's. My life is simplified by the fact I don't at this time care to use a spinner. A year ago, I would have picked a different rig; and a year before that a still different one. I change and the technology is changing, too.
  7. DeepBlueGulf

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    That's just wrong to ask a question like that! But my answer is an Avet HX on a Calstar 700H, about 450 yds of 80lb Hollow and I'd be good to go.

    Tom - DBG
  8. gman

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    \Pressure fishing is fun. If the hook pulls, so what. At least got to feel how heavy the fish was before he came un-plugged.

    I couldnt agree more, I pop alot of fish off becuase of drag but I would rather be bent up and in pain actually doing battle with the beast than line management. You said it pefectly
  9. lite-liner

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    Accurate 665H-2 on a Calstar 700h, 400y 80# jb hollow. that said,
    I can already see where it would have it's shortcomings, comfort-wise.
    If I was throwing big topwaters all night, I'd definately want a spinner.
    if that, it'd have to be that Zenaq 83-5 w/ a stella 20000. BooYa!
    lotta damn scratch fer that chit, though. might be a while
  10. jig

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    665W 2sd, 300yds 80#spectra and about 150yds 60#mono topshot. Currently on a 6.5' Ugly stik 50-80.
  11. gman

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    i couldnt choose just one becuase the fishing is so different. I cant cast with a conventional and I dont like chunking with a spinner
  12. Uncle Russ

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    Somehow you just knew that Gunsmoke would redefine the problem! :) Don't get me wrong, Gunsmoke--I'm not ruling big game trolling out because I wouldn't do it--but only because 2-dollar hos can't afford it. I agree that bottom fishing with a spinner would be brutal for AJ s or grouper, given my limited experience in that regard--specifically, hauling 5 pound snapper out of 60 feet with a Penn 8500 and an ugly stick. That's one reason I settled on the ATD12--also, gman is correct--I love the reel. It's interesting that you mention you have done some chunking with a spinner. I had an e-conversation with Rick about that and will definitely try it sometime. Someone mentioned that you have to be really quick on the draw to lower the rod and flip the bail when the run starts so you don't lose a finger.

    I am a little surprised at the number of mentions (xstackle and others) of the 665 2-speed. Part of my reaction is due to the problem that I and a couple of others have had with them. I am hoping the new one won't go that route. It is so light and sweet that I too would choose it if it were not for that fear.

    And Gunsmoke, I'm not sure why you would limit your rifle choice. I saw a few years ago that some British firm (Holland and Holland, I think) made a .700 Nitro Express for some guy and then put it into regular production. My memory is that it pops out a 1,000 grain bullet at something like 2200 feet per second. Admittedly, it ain't gonna have the downrange energy of a .50 BMG, but a 3/4 inch hole would be a good start. I don't think you can own a 20 MM even with a Class 3 permit, and the 4 gauge is no longer legal for teal. :)

    P.S. I'm still hurtin' over T+1.

  13. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    I'm partial to the company OTI :D , but I do think it's the best rod, especially for this scenario because of its strength to weight balance.

    So I would bring a 5 1/2 foot 80# spinner, with the Stella SW8000, one spool with 60# DepthFinder PE and the other spool with 80# DF pe line.
    (That's not cheating because it's only one rig! LOL)

    It also casts really well with the heavier live jigs and top water lures.

    I'd bring 60, 80, & 100 lb mono for leaders.

    I'd push it on the deeper bottom fishing like Tequila, but saw a nice grouper caught on a jig at 600 feet and I could get close enough to that depth with the smaller 8000 and the 60# spool.

    It certainly has the drag to handle most of what I'd expect to hook up with; but would I be able to hold the spinning rod line up off the rail? Even if it killed me.

    BTW Russ- I watched Rick chunk with his TS30, and it was almost too easy for him.
  14. gman

    gman Senior Member

    maybe in need to open my horizons and try chunking with my stellas now
  15. Uncle Russ

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    gman: I definitely intend to try it sometime. My problem right now is that I am so new to large offshore fish, that I am still a fish hog. I can't be like Gunsmoke says yet, and just enjoy the pull--I am that way all day long with bay fish and even the giant bull reds I love to catch and release at the jetties. But losing a yellowfin would still be a tragedy of the same proportions as having say, President Edwards in office the next time the U.S. is attacked on our own soil--(Ok maybe not quite that bad.)

    Tom: Having handled the heavy and light jigging rods, the 7-foot spinner, and the two prototype popping rods, I agree one-hundred percent in their quality. My thinking in choosing the 700H was that the first two are two short for casting, the 7-footer might be a little light for one-rod fits all, (although I suspect gimmedeal, Fred might disagree with that,) and the 7 1/2 footers might be a little too flexible for horsing up a big A.J. I could be dead wrong though. In any case, I chose the 700H because I have one and if I were to buy one conventional rod to go with the ATD12, it would be the 700XH (I have one in the spinning variety and it truly is brutal.)

    But I have to agree with those who say they wouldn't like to have only one outfit. I am not as hard core as Gunsmoke to say I would quit fishing, but I have six rigs now, and more rods than that, and I find that I am trying to convince myself to buy another one.

    But I won't, Pilgrim...I won't... The hell I won't."

  16. BretABaker

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    i have used a spinning reel for snapper/AJs. I used a penn 9500 with 50lb braid on it. I did it because the rod was next to me and i was too lazy to go upstairs and get a different one!!! It worked well to be honest, but i'd prefer a conventional setup.

    I ended up getting a bunch of snapper, beeliners, and 1 small AJ.