I will be in Charleston SC????

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    I will be in Charleston SC. Oct 11-17 I am wondering if there are any party boats around there that are any good. I am trying to do some kind of fishing but I have not been there before and do not know whata is around. Anyone have any suggestions? I thought they might have the jigfest that time but It does not look like is going to be going on so I am looking for something else to do. Is there any good beach fishing? Thanks Steve
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    I live in Hilton Head, 60 miles south of there. The last headboat was run out of town during the fuel price spike last year. There are plenty of charters and a good local website Charlestonfishing.com that has a fishing matchup area. I'd be happy to take you out if the weather is cooperating as it has been blowing NorthEast for weeks now. Grouper, snapper, AJ's would be the target. Seriously, let me know. Courtland