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Due to some employee issues.. I had the opportunity to take off Thursday and be at work by 1pm on Friday. So wed afternoon, I headed home and gathered up all of my hunting gear, put some water and Gatorade in the cooler and lit out for the happy hunting grounds. My hunting buddy, Bob was already out there and was in the stand by the time I arrived(5.30). I quickly got out, set up my solar shower and did a quick wash in no-stink soap, got my camo on and headed to my popup. I had clear blue skies and 68degrees with a cool 8-15kt breeze out of the west-northwest. My pop up is set up under an oak, overlooking a wheat field and the mesquite flat that borders the field. I was hoping the wind would lay and it finally did just before dark. I saw several deer about 40yrds away but they never got near. Back at camp I decided to move my tripod over on that trail. After dinner, we did just that and found a clump of big oaks that makes a perfect setup for the tripod.
At 5:15 I was in my tripod, the moon was nearly full and was setting. I saw a few meteors. What a beautiful morning. It was about 40 degrees with a slight breeze. Of course, I forgot to bring my long underwear. So all I had was jeans, longsleeve t-shirt and my scent-lock outfit. About 705 I see some movement to my left. There's a nice 10 point about 50 yds and closing. He was checking his scrape line.. but he was angling away from me.. I did a quick mouth grunt. He grunted back and came to me on a string. There he was at 10 yards and me at ½ draw and he sees me…. DAGNABIT!!! I got busted.. he bolted and ran off about 40 yards and ambled off never to be seen again.. I was so bummed…I sat there about 20 more minutes and then the adrenaline began to wear off. I realized that I was cold.. I started shivering and decided that was it. Headed back to camp for some warmth and coffee.
Bob had to go to work so he didn’t hunt. I got some work done around camp, mowed the roads, trimmed lanes etc.. Cleaned up and headed back to the tripod around 5pm. I decided to put some tinks 69 out in a couple of spots… Got into my stand and within 10 minutes I had 3 bucks within 25yrds. One 3or 4yr old spike, 2- 1 ½ yr olds a 6 and an 8. Then comes another young high horned 8. He was bumping this doe around. There were so many bucks I couldn’t keep track of who was who. Then 3 more does come by, Finally that old horse headed Biaaaaatch that always busts me was right under my stand, surveying the goings on of the younger bucks.. I got ready to draw and she jumped the fence and cruised out of range to avoid the bucks.. I didn’t see any more does that night. Right about dark a 4yo 6 comes in and puts all of the young bucks in their places.. I had plenty of opportunity to get a shot off but passed…. I was looking for big boy and he didn’t show. I hunted Friday morning and had one deer pass by before first light. I loaded up and was at work by noon.
In retrospect, I probably should have taken that big 6. But man I had one of my best bowhunting adventures to date, and didn’t bring any meat home. Cant wait to get out there and do it again…

This is a pick of the big boy that busted me.


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