I gave up my planned GT popping trip to Komodo,

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by ksong, May 28, 2009.

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    Komodo Islands, Indonesia are well known for Komodo dragon as well as excellent GT fishing internationally. I was planning to visit Komodo for GT popping next spring, but I got disturbing news that Japanese GT fishermen fished 9 days recently and got only four GT.
    I thought the areas are protected by the Government, but apparently it was not the case as I heard that local people decimate GT population by illegal fishing there and it is common to see 80lb - 100 lbs GT in fish markets. It is very sad news because GT in Komodo Island is like a national treasure and it attracts many fishermen around the world for years and it helps local economy while it doesn't hurt GT population at all as most GT fishermen prefer catch and release.

    Three Kings Islands and Ranfurly Bank in NZ are fabulous places for huge Kingfish and giant seabass.hapuka. But NZ Governement allowed commecial fishing there and some of charter boats turned into commericial fishing boats. :eek: Money spoils everything. :)

    I have to search for another GT destination for next spring trip.
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    There are plenty of area to fish for GT Kil. Do not let government get you down. Money is very powerful.

    I may have to give up my plan to catch GT in general as I am possibly getting another dog today. =)

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    kil didnt the french fisherman who fished after us in panama say that the seychelles are the best spot?
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    kil didnt the french fisherman who fished after us in panama say that the seychelles are the best spot?
    Yes, Seychelles is one of my candidates.
    Some asked me to arrange another Three Kings Islands, NZ trip. NZ trip is very attracitve as US$ becomes strong against NZ$.
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    As we discussed last time at your shop.
    I wanted to give GT popping report by now from the Gulf of Oman and
    the Musadam.

    But the Ocean Active boat that is registered to
    enter Oman had engine problems. So I have been
    waiting for several weeks to get this trip in.
    The last 3 months has been all work and no play for me.

    Now the booking season is about over and it may not happen until next Sept or Oct.
    The last serveral day trips into the Musadam in late April and early May for Ocean Active
    were good with somel GT's over 40 kg most every trip.

    There was some red tide along the coast for quite awhile but it is gone from my area.
    The water is now clear.
    When season starts again they expect the fish to start out smaller 25 to 30 kg.

    I have shipped in all the tackle here for this trip.
    Smith GTK-77BG KEYOLHU and WRCTokara 60 rods, Saltiga Z6000 and Z6500H-DF, 100lb braid, 300lb leader, 400lb rings, Recorder 5, 6, 7\0 barbless hooks, Owner 76 hooks, and 2 dozen poppers and stick baits, by Heru, Tackle House, River to Sea ect.

    Just no boat.:(

    I can book other local trips for Mahi and Kingfish but now my tackle is overkill for them....:mad:


    Photos are from behind my apt. 1 north view and 1 south view.

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  7. ksong

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    Wow, you are staying in Oman and can not book a GT trip ?
    OK, I erase Musadam trip from my list. Musadam trip is not my priority anyway.
    Kevin, even you can't fish GT in Oman, Oman is a good place to fly to GT destionations in Indian Ocean.
  8. gman

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    Ocean Active is a top notch Charter Operation sorry to hear about your issues Kevin
  9. Fishhead56

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    Gertha, Richard and Nick have been very Helpful.
    No complaints to Ocean Active!
    They have a 40ft center console registered to go into Oman waters
    and the engines just did not quite make the season. The big outboards
    need parts,
    Just as the equipment on my project. Not all can be sourced
    On their GT trips they may run 100-130 miles plus round trip in a day
    to some really neat areas.
    Hey I am getting paid to wait for the chance, I just got to do a power project
    in the mean time.

    I would keep Musadam on your list. I hope to show why.

    My point is GT hunting can be like Elk hunting it takes equipment, location and logistics to come together at once.

    I have picked up local jigs and lures from several shops which I want to make review after GT trip.

  10. ksong

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    My point is GT hunting can be like Elk hunting it takes equipment, location and logistics to come together at once.

    Exactly. GT fishing is like hunting. That is why you have to consider many factors like locations, seasons, tides and weather even you go to well known destinations, and most of all, Capt and their operations.
    I read their operation in Musadam are very good, but I also read you have to go right time in right place, and it is impossible to fish with them in prime time as they are booked in advance.
    I am trying to find destinations still not exposed too much so that I can fish in prime time. :)
  11. Minnow

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    Papua New guinea might be a place worth looking into.
    Tons of fresh water species, plenty of GT's and Doggies.
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    Let's go , I'm in !!
    Then, who is going to run your lodge ? Poor Reggie ?:)

    I almost decide to go to Fiji again though I visited there twice. The place is logistically convenient, there are good chances to encounter 80 plus lbs GT and I have opportunity to land my first dogtooth on offshore seamount just off 28 miles. Most of all, it seems they have pretty good operation.
  13. Basil

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    When will you go?
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    Hi Kilsong,

    If you were planning to pop at Komodo, why not try Indonesia's East Nusa Tengara SALPA group of islands which are just a little East of Komodo?...terrain is similar to Komodo...

    SALPA = Solor, Andora, Lembata, Pantar & Alor group of islands...

    Some folks think SALPA is the next Komodo in Indonesia

    For more information, pictures, catch reports in English, you could contact Ah Gu (Richard Tong) who is based in Singapore here:

    Singapore Big Game Fishing Charters and Saltwater Fishing Guides - Kaiser Fishing Club at fishingouting.com

    He also has a website:

    Kaiser Fishing Services Singapore

    The Captain is none other than the famous Yuji Takabe from Lengends 1 & 5 who operates Kaiser Laut PT in Indonesia.

    tight lines
  15. ksong

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    Thanks for valuable info.
    I think it will be very hard to convinice my friends to go to Indonesia as they had terrible trip to Takabonerate, Indonesia a few years ago.
    I'll go to Fiji this time as I gave my words to them already though I didn't send any deposit yet. I am certainly looking into the opportunities in the areas you suggested as I plan to go GT popping again in the future.