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Discussion in 'Reels' started by tdwcapt, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. tdwcapt

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    I just bit the bullet on a Trinidad 40N I found, NIB, on ebay for $308 )from a reputable seller I've done business with in the past!) :eek: I was very close on a Saltiga 30T or Avet JX but when I saw that deal I couldn't pass it up.

    I got a question for some of you guys with a Trini 40n: What rod do you have your reel on? Also, how do you have your reel rigged? Any mods?

    What are your impressions with the reel?

  2. d-a

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    Only mod would be to add a Cal's drag plate and carbontex drag washers. The stock drag is good.

    I would put it on a 400g to 600g rod.


  3. anglerinshore

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    I agree with d-a on that. I have a trinidad 40, wish it was the 40N and have it on a trevala right now, but fits great on my OTI 600g rod and the gold reel with gold rod looks sweet. That's where it will be once i get one of the new 400g rods with silver trim for my accurate. You'll be happy with that reel. A fishing buddy has it and the 40N has no problem with big AJ's. You got a great deal on that one as well.
  4. lordhell

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    Put that reel on a Jigging Master Powerspell 400 or 500 and you're ready to kill most GOM fish, lol. Contact Kilsong on this forum to get your hands on one. He's probably out of the 500 right now. Alternatively, the OTI 300g is an excellent choice as well. I recommend you put either 80 or 100lb daiwa boat braid on the reel, you can connect 15-20 ft of flouro or mono wind-on leader to finish it off. Here's a link to buy some:

    Daiwa Saltiga Boat ''Just Fit Packs" Braided Line
  5. paul708

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    the 300-600g range would be good depending on what you are going after.
    the OTI are nice choice.