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Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by lite-liner, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. lite-liner

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    because I don't know what an "acid wrap" is.
    Can someone post up a couple examples?
    sounds cool, does it serve any further purpose
    like strength or durability, or is it just "bling"?
  2. bighead

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    I think it's the spiral wrap like Billystix is always advertising. I've heard it keed the rod from trying to roll over while fighting a big fish but have never fished one myself. I sure someone will give a better explanation.

  3. SkeeterRonnie

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    lol... i thought it was the way the hypalon grips were wrapped with the weird mylar-looking, 1/16 inch wide, strapping.
  4. SkeeterRonnie

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  5. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    That 'splains it. Knew it had to be some kind of
    Drug-induced analogy.
    I think I would be very hard to adjust to a rod
    like that. maybe not. just not now.
    still curious about other's opinions, anybody have/use one of these?
  6. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    Half of my tuna jiigging rods are acid wrapped rods.

    Capt. Neil, notable rod builder in our area, described well about acid wrapped rod advantages as follows:

    I build Spiral rods for myself and others that request them. Most folks will say they understand the advantages but would not be caught fishing with one. However, I have had some of these same anglers order a rod to be built for an older family member and they order the Spiral wrapped version. Why? Because the older folks may have hand/wrist injuries or illness. The spiral rod does not have twist/torque applied to the users hand/wrist. That is why after a long day of catching some will say their hand/wrist hurts when using a conventional wrapped rod.

    When line passes over the center line of a blank and the blank tip is pulled down, Torque/ twisting is generated. When the line is under the center line of the blank there is not torque/ twist generated.

    By building a spiral wrapped rod the absense of torque/twist is good for your hands and also for all the components of the rod. Next time you fight a fish while holding the rod or the rod is in a belt watch the tip of the rod and you will see it twist. That can't be good for the blank, guides, tip top and even reel seat. In all fairness we do not see conventional rods and components breaking every day but it is possible.
  7. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    I would suggest that you tape the guides onto a blank that has had the spline found and the reel seat installed then just go and cast it. Maybe even fish it... Just see how it feels to ya.
    Some folks swear by them and others swear at them. You must make this choice for yourself.

    You ain't stupid. You just need some info for a cure. Ron White states that there ain't no cure fer stupid. I reckon that he's mighty right.
  8. DeepBlueGulf

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    I think McGolfer has a few of the Acid wraps. Next time he comes down to Bass Pro Shops, see if he'll bring one for you to look at.

  9. Snagged

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    I've got one for pier fishing and it is easier to fight a fish with.

    BTW: I agree, you are! :D
  10. mcgolfer

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    the only problem with acid or spiral wrapped rods is all the deckhands want to try and straighten out your guides. i have many and if i have a rod built i usually request the acid wrap. i even have a couple of acid wrapped roller rods. they work better off a private boat with standard gunnels rather than a party boat with high rails as the hig rails can damage the guides if the rod gets slammed to the rail. they do minimize the rod twisting under a load....rick
  11. paul708

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    Our crew went 10 for 16 on the big, slob bluefins, and we kept 2 that were estimated by the crew at 110 & 120 lbs.

    Paul, attached is a photo of the 120 pounder that I jigged up and landed on one of your rods. (The rod was Mate James' custom Lamiglass togging stick that you wrapped for him.) I managed to land this tuna after an hour and twenty minute fight on the light rod paired with a small TN-16 reel spooled with 65 pound Power Pro braid. By the time, we got the fish in the boat, the side plates of the reel were hot to the touch. (This was the third tuna that I hooked on the jig, but the first two pulled free after ~15 minutes.)

    Capt. John put us right on the meat as we had the first tuna hooked within 10 minutes of coming tight to the anchor. Within the next 3 hours, we went on to land 9 more, but unfortunately, our hot bite got killed when the boat traffic got heavy all around us.

    This was a corporate trip sponsored by my company, and it was the first time I ever had a chance to try jigging for tuna. I sure hope that it won't be my last! I figure by sometime next week, my forearms will probably stop aching and my smile will start to fade, but for now I am one whooped but happy camperIt was definitely a BLAST! The fight was like the Energizer bunny as it kept going, and going, and going ... As I was sweating my jangles off and struggling to regain line, James kept teasing me saying "that's what you get for fishing for tuna with a fluke/tog rod."

    The acid wrap not only worked perfectly, but it looked real pretty as well. If anyone ever needs a testimonial to the toughness of that blank, or the quality of your guide wrapping work, just let me know.

    Fighting such a large BF tuna on such a light rod with no belt harness
  12. CAP

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    As you still using acid wrapped rollers??? I had a bad experience with one and have never used it since.

  13. mcgolfer

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    i have 2 of the acid wrapped roller rods. i assume the trouble you had was with the spectre getting in between the roller and the frame. if that was your problem i have found that if i fish 150 or 200lbs spectre then it is not an issue. i use these rods to put extreme drag pressure on big rig and struture fish....rick
  14. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    Brian. I bought McGolfers "Texas Sidewinder" rod for bass fishing. YOu are welcome to play with it for a couple weeks to see if you like that concept. I find it casts farther, and works a topwater like a champ. Its not a salt rod, but it will give you the basic concept.
  15. Ragman

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    When some of the "Spiral" or "Acid" wrapped rods starting getting attention on the west coast, someone deemed it an "Acid-wrap" rod because obviously, the wrapper had to be on acid to have wrapped it in that manner! :D
  16. paul708

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    When some of the "Spiral" or "Acid" wrapped rods starting getting attention on the west coast, someone deemed it an "Acid-wrap" rod because obviously, the wrapper had to be on acid to have wrapped it in that manner! :D
    He sure Did i have a few of his older rods here..great guy :D