Hurricain BILL...

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Steve/NH, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Steve/NH

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    ...So even though this storm is likely to miss the North east, what are your thoughts on how it will impact the tuna fishing? Will it move fish inshore, offshore, north, slow the feeding patturn, turn up the feeding ?
  2. hamptonsurf

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    One thing Im pretty sure's going to turn up the waves for a little while, especially if it keeps climbing north.

  3. Billiam

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    This is a very good topic, especially since hurricane season is coming around, should you go right before a storm is expected? How many days before? What about after? Does it scatter the tuna? I know for bottom fishing/ cod/ stripers, etc. It tends to scatter them and stir up bottom. Good thing I have something to do this weekend otherwise you might see me fishing in the perfect storm conditions :D

    I know some guys who are going tomorrow to CC we'll see how they do.
  4. SteelingHeads

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    I just spoke with a friend (on the cell phone) who is on Southern Jefferies right now. Granted, we are still two days from the stronger effects of this storm, but he says he has busting fish all around him. They had put out a live Mack under a balloon and it got clobbered before they even had the rod in a rod holder. Needless to say, he couldn't talk anymore....

    I suspect it will initially scatter, and slow down the bite. But shortly after that (a few days or maybe a week) things will get back to what they were before the storm.