Huge new floater hits Gulf

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    I have some fishing friends in the oil business and they are always sending me info on rigs. The second largest semi-submersible in the world just left the Port A jetties on Aug 7th. "Atlantis will be set in 7,074 feet of water 185 miles south of New Orleans in Green Canyon. The mooring system includes the longest continuos wire mooring ropes ever built. Twelve are steel canisters, will be embedded in the ocean floor to anchor the beast.

    To bad this sucker won't be placed off the Texas coast. I understand from one of my friends that a huge floater is in the works to be set 135 miles east off Port A. A direct shot due east off Port A.

    Here is a link to "Atlantis."
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    Well Shell will be taking care of Texas next year with Great White. It will sit in 8000 ft of water and be about 200 miles due south of freeport and about 100 miles east of brownesville.
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    Might have to use some of this guys 510 gram jigs to reach the bottom of these new floaters.

    By the way, I actually didn't go fishing this weekend. Been nice taking it easy going thru my tackle igloo's after 5 straight weekends on the big pond. Last weekend I was on a floating condo with three oil type guys. One was a drilling equipment supply guy, one was a Oil and gas lawyer, and another was a driller. Very interesting trip listening to the risks involved in the oil business. One guy lost more last month than I will make in a lifetime. But, he also wasn't hurting. When you hit a good hole you make a killing. Only about 1 in 10 will be a producing hole. I was the poor boy on the boat. As I've stated before, I don't have a pot to pee in. We burned over 700 gallons of diesel in 14 hours. We picked straws to pay for the fuel after many cocktails on the ride back to port. Thank God I had the middle size straw.
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    Great White? Sounds really interesting!
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    Hey Rick/TJ- Any thoughts on making this floater a potential stop on the GEM?

    Do you think it will be in place long enough by November to have drawn any life?
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    it depends on where it is finally located and if tuna pass near the area on their way to other feeding areas. the fish don't subscribe to hiltons and don't know where the new floaters are located. they find them while seaching for bait and if they find bait they will be added to the feeding rotation. these rigs don't take long to produce the the junk it takes to get the smaller food chain started and it builds quickly from there. as to fishing it on gem-06 i think that if the altimeter is right then it could be a hot tuna bite....rick