How to work the Smith JACKKNIFE-R 300g

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Enoch, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Enoch

    Enoch Senior Member

    Hi guys.

    I picked up some jigs recently and wanted to know how some of you may work this particular model

    It's the SMITH Jackknife-R 300g

    Q: Is it worked the same fast method as the Nagamasa?
    Q: What is the action when it falls in the water column?
    Q: If you work the jig by casting out and jigging "back in" to the boat what is the technique?

    I have taken the following into account:
    Bottom or tail weighted jigs - will generally sink much faster than others are perfect for targeting grouper, snappers and bottom fish. They will move in very short up and down movements and are generally short in length but some are long such as the fishermans Crazy Long and Zest

    Thank you.
  2. rtran

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    I'd rip it.
    I would think the action would be a side to side flutter. This jig would work very well for doggies/aj.
    Casting a 300g jig out would probably not be ideal. Just drop it straight down and rip it back up. Even try slow yo yo jigging.
    When I use long jigs I rip and shorter I yo yo depending what target species is.
    The only time I use long jigs is for AJ. I've seen long jigs yo yo on the bottom and produce groupers.

  3. d-a

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    If the fish are biting, there's no wrong way to work the jig. If there finicky I would experiment until you find something or see something work.

    If targeting Aj's its always as fast as you can jig it back to the surface. Aj's love long fast jigs.
    If grouper or snapper is what Im targeting then I will Yo-Yo it in contact with the bottom regardless of jigs size. Ive caught scamp and gags on OTI jitterbels and Smith nagamasa's.

  4. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    me to. scamp, snapper and groupers on smith jigs right on the bottom. love them. grouper love to chase them when the jump off to the sides i think.