how to make your own wooden lure?

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  1. Milton

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    Does anyone know how to panit wooden lures? I have the blanks. I need to know some websites that teach you step by step. Or if you can give some good advice to a beginer. please let me know what to buy and where to buy. Thanks Pros!
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  3. HWK

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    If the blanks are sealed then just spray some primer on them, let dry for a day, and then paint it up with spray paint.
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    If you need to seal them, i found the easiest/quickest way for me was to bake the blank in a little toaster oven i keep in the garage @ 275º for 15 minutes. When there's about 5 minutes left, i mix a batch of E-Tex and Denatured alcohol 40/60 mix. Be sure to mix it very well. Take the blank out and coat the mix onto the blank with a brush (disposable brush) and take a syringe and inject the sealant into the wire thru hole. Keep coating the lure for about 7-8 minutes. You will notice that the blank will be absorbing it the mix. Once the blank stops absorbing the sealant, take a paper towel and wipe off any excess and let cure for 24 hours. Oh also stick the wire through the body to make sure there isn't any globs of epoxy that will block the hole. Once it's fully cured you'll have a rock solid blank. Lightly sand smooth if needed, primer, and the two popular ways people paint are with spray paint cans or with an air brush. I prefer an air brush.

    Then as a top coat finisher, i usually use devcon 2ton epoxy. Usually found cheapest at walmart but I beleive they stopped carrying it :rolleyes:

    Sorry if i missed anything, i typed this up really quick.
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    I think I got the general idea how to make paint the lure. Thanks again!