How to handle partially filled reels??

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by copperhead, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Fishing around the rigs out of Venice La. cut-offs are a part of the game. Every trip some braid is lost to the rig legs. How do you guys handle reels with less than full spools. Since 300' is about the max depth I ever drop I have started putting 1/2 spool of Boat Braid (330m) and backing with PP. Seems I always end up with an unknown amount of line on my reel and have several partial spools of Boat Braid. Anyone got a better way? I join Boat Braid to PP with a seven turn uni. Is there a better way?
    I have line winder with accurate counter if that can help.
  2. Eastern Tackle

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    How do you guys handle reels with less than full spools.

    I just got through doing a rotation. By that I mean I put a partial off a 12C onto a reel for backing, then put a partial off a saltiga 40 onto the 12C and filled the 40 with new.

    By doing it this way I am putting the most used line at the bottom of the spool and have fresh up top.

    You can also just tie a bimini to bimini and spool on a new top.

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    Thats where hollow braid comes in handy, being cheep I just spooled up 4 new Accurate Extremes going from 40-60-80 with 150 yard filler spools just spliced into each other. Quick and easy with no knots and 100% strength. Plus the practice comes in handy cause thats how I attach my windons.