How to handle a hank of nylon for jig tying

Discussion in 'Lure Building' started by ou8mybait, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. ou8mybait

    ou8mybait New Member

    What is the best way to handle a hank of nylon hair used for jig tying? The nylon comes in a large bundle. How do you separate the hairs without making a mess? Thank you
  2. jiggawhat

    jiggawhat Senior Member

    Take a zip tie to the middle of the hank. Cut off what you need. What fibers are you using?its gonna make a mess. Easier if you have a flytying vise for a 3rd hand

  3. Kim

    Kim Senior Member Supporting Member

    The nylon hair I use is fused together at one end to keep it all together. I just snip off what I'll need at the fused end and that holds it together and I always try to used the fused end working it around the jig heads etc.and then just cut it off after I get the initial wraps on it.