How to: Add an Antireverse Bearing to your Accurate Boss Fury

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by johndtuttle, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Really not trying to squash a great how-to thread. But there is another made in US reel worth considering.

    Release SG is nearly half the weight of FX400X/FX500X, has better capacity than 400, more drag, better bearings, already includes AR bearing, lifetime warranty, and is $30 less than FX400X and $40 less than 500X without needing another $30 bearing and parts/labor.

    Neither will be perfect for everybody, but it is a viable 1-spd LD US made option to consider.
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    I just got a fury 400 will the same part fit or is the size smaller than the 500 very interested in this, I use it mainly for snapper fishing and could use a little more drag to get em off the bottom quick. Also I spooled the 400 with Master braid 50lb and it only hold 400 yards not the 500 plus stated on the box.

    Not a problem for me just an FYI

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    You're just gonna have to measure it and see :). Or, if you pick up the phone someone at Accurate has the answer for you as they can either sell you the bearings to DiY or you can send the reel to them and they can do it for you per report. I have not confirmed that they do this on the Fury series.

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    John glad to see you back.
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    The short answer is yes, the Torque Rating tells us what the manf. rates the one way bearing for but it is more complicated than that as the forces the bearing experiences are not via levers over the distance of one meter or one foot if you convert it to "pound feet" how strong it is in the reel is not so simple as I may have intimated.

    The force needed to be overcome is the lever created by amount of line on the spool acting via the multiplication of the pinion v. main gear ratio.

    If I understand the engineering issue correctly the very short distance that the reel has leverage over the bearing should make it greatly stronger than it needs to be...if perfectly in working order.

    Unfortunately they are often neglected and fail which is why Accurate has added dogs to their reels.

    This is also something that trained engineers understand backwards and forwards, I am just trying to help as best I can.
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    @rillo, did this same bearing work for the 400??