how much 130# spectra will an avet SDS hold?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by mike garone, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. mike garone

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    I just picked up an avet SDS and plan on spooling it with 130# spectra with a topshot of ~150 yards of 100# mono. This reel is going to be used for trolling and chunking on a party boat. I have always just run straight mono on my reels for this application, but on the trip I plan on using it we could encounter fish +200# and want to have extra capacity.

    My question is how much can I expect to get on this reel? How do I make sure that the spectra is packed well enough so that it doesnt dig in on itself when a fish is on? What brand of spectra do you suggest using?
  2. TeamOso

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    more than ull need:D

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  4. jureal

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    I would go with a much shorter topshot of mono and a lot more spectra. Go to a reputable tackle shop and ask questions about their knowledge of putting on spectra tight. If in doubt, do it yourself.

    Or, contact Basil...he may be close to you.

    Help zone :: BHP Tackle
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    500 on the one I owned at one point :) never needed a topshot :) hooked the spectra straight to the swivel on the leader.
  6. mike garone

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    I would go with straight spectra but the boats I go on do not like spectra. They require a topshot of at least 150 yards.

    Thanks for the link to BHP tackle. Just spoke with him and gonna bring the reel in next week.