How do you store your jigs??

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by stresst, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. stresst

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    I was wondering who sells something big enough to hold a 24oz Viking jig and a treble hook?? I have about 2 dozen jigs, what can I put them in?
  2. peterk814

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  3. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    Thats how I have it now. Looking for a case of some sort. I am worried about the bucking falling over and almost a grand of jigs falling in the water-LOL
  4. word-doctor

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    Got the same issue on big lures/jigs. Gonna cut PVC to size, cap one end and put a small crossed bungee across the "open" end. Then just carry it in a bag.
    I have a whole bunch of nylon gimme bags that I get at education conferences. They're great for holding smaller tackle boxes or folders.
  5. bulllred

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    On my own boat a 2 gallons bucket with cut PVCs to have the jigs stand up. On a charter trip I just carry just enough jigs to last for the trip in a Plano box laying the jigs flat. They sell really neat jig bag made by Shimano and other manufactures.